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Just Us

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Un-Scrooging

Most people wouldn't guess this about me but I'm a HUGE Scrooge! I HATE  Christmas music, I find Christmas decorating to be pointless (all decorating if we're being honest but I'm working on that), and I really really hate PRESENTS! I'm awful at picking out presents for other people! really I'm the worst! I can't even figure out something for Casey. I can't even figure out something for me (unless its the Star Wars box set which Casey still refuses to buy me despite my begging.)! I feel guilt getting presents and guilt for not giving presents. I also don't really like snow and the cold. I don't hate it but I'd really prefer sun or rain.
I like Christmas because I get to spend lots of time with our families, there's amazing food, and I love Jesus. Sometimes I enjoy the lights. Other than that I'm pretty Scroogey.
So this year Casey has decided that he WILL decorate, and I WILL help. I put up a good fight. We went shopping for decorations and I whined a lot. Then I don't even remember why but some how he got me to promise to fake enthusiasm and support his strange desire for Christmas Spirit. Since both of us lack an ability to decorate we called the most festive person we know, Maegan Joy Johnson, and she tutored us. We shopped way too long and luckily I had Brady there for my moments of Scroogery, but all in all I'm really pleased with the results. The festive decorations actually make me smile! Who would have guessed?! So I would like to give the credit for my partial Un-Scrooging to Casey, Maegan, and Brady (even though he's a scrooge too he helped us decorate!). But I would like to add that NO, I WILL STILL NOT LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC! And here are some pics of our festivities.

All of these things look way cuter in person but I took pictures trying to block out disaster areas and they were taken on my phone... Also there's more... but to show you I'd have to include disaster areas and like I said, No.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My over-inflated self esteem

This post has been a long time coming. I just wish I could eloquently say what I want to but it'll probably end up as a crazy mess of nonsense (but I guess that fits my blog title).
It was almost 2 years ago that I went to the doctors office and was told that I was so overweight that I would probably not get pregnant. She was full of nonsense. But it got me evaluating my opinion of myself and others opinions of themselves. I have shockingly high self esteem. I think I am beautiful. Not like I belong in a magazine or anything, I'm not the prettiest person in a group (I hang out with some seriously beautiful people. It's kind of ridiculous.), I'm pretty average. I have great hair, great boobs (even if they are too big), decent legs, and my face doesn't make dogs bark. But, here's the traumatic truth, please don't spread this around, I weigh 235 lbs. And yes, I think I'm a bit overweight, I'd like to lose some weight for my health and so that I have less back fat, but all in all, I still don't think I'm a hunk of lard!
A few posts back I posted about one of the debates me and Moon have: Cheerleaders Vs. Dancers (he's winning this one by the way.) The thing that I found strange was that I was a little worried about getting opinions because I know a lot of cheerleaders and a lot of dancers. Well, every cheerleader I asked said dancers and every dancer I asked said cheerleaders. And every single one of these girls is a major hotty! People who are short want to be tall, people who are tall think they are amazons (I'm sometimes guilty of this but most of the time I LOVE being tall!!) girls with curly hair want it straight and girls with straight want it curly.
Okay Leslie, Where are you going with this? Here's the question I would like to ask to all of my beautiful friends who are worried about their weight and their appearance; Who's judging you? Because if it's your significant other you tell me and I'll come kick them in the face. If it's any one else, WHO CARES!? I want you to feel good about yourself. don't slack like me and wear sweats every chance you get and eat fries for one meal a day, but be comfortable with yourself. Keep exercising because it makes you feel good I don't know any girls who are actually "overweight" who have trouble getting men. I do however know a lot of skinny girls who think they're overweight who attract jerks because they don't think they deserve better.

I love this song because ITS TRUE. Not with all women. I know a lot of strong and amazing woman. But I also know some who this song applies to.
Alright. I know this was a strange rant but this is something that breaks my heart and I'm actually pretty passionate about it. Your harshest judge is you! Cut yourself a little slack. And let me know if you feel the need to get away and get a moral boost. Even if you don't know me very well; I promise I'd still love it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

This weeks loves

I am totally trendy. Okay that's not true. BUT what is true is that I go through fazes of love. One week I love something and then 2 weeks later I've forgotten about it (sad but true. Don't worry this doesn't happen with people. Once I love you you're stuck with me FOR LIFE.) So my exciting loves for the week

1. Journey's greatest hits! Yay!!! Casey finally bought it for me!!! I love you Journey.

2. Riding the mechanical Bull. Even if it did leave me bruised and battered. Totally worth it!

3. Girls nights. Now this could make my list every time I have a girls night... I LOVE girls nights. If you didn't know this about me, I love to chat, and girls nights are an excellent time for that. 

4. Our New 4 wheeler. Yes I complain that Casey spent to much but of course, it was love at first ride.

5. Whoppers. These are a greatly under-appreciated candy that I just re-discovered.

Some day I'm going to write something meaningful and amazing. Until then you get nonsense about my latest loves. If you'd like to share in these joys with me, please, give me a call. I love to share! (except Casey. He's all mine.)

Friday, September 30, 2011

BOOKS 2011

Ok... I read freakish amounts. This will not surprise anyone. When I tell people how many books I've read in the last little while it tends to frighten them. I do realize that I have a problem. Now, some of you are saying "no, reading is good, you're expanding your knowledge base." to you people I say, YOU'RE WRONG unless your talking about my knowledge of psychics, vampires, werewolves, and other things that I occasionally forget aren't real. Despite all of this people frequently ask me for book recommendations. So here is my forewarning on this post;
I read teen books. These are light and fun reads. These are books that take me away from the real world which I find dull and serious 75% of the time. These will not change your life. These are a fun escape that are way below your maturity level. Don't judge me. Some of the ones that made the list aren't teen books but I think there's only like 2...
These are in no particular order. they are just books that I enjoy that I have read more than once (or would read more than once.) in the last year.

1. The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Claire.
 Probably my favorite series ever. (there are currently 4 out with 2 more on the way. But if you read the first three and stop I think you'll be pleased).

2. The Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins.
 If you haven't read this yet you are way behind on the times because it is very popular and amazing. Although the last one is kind of... meh.

3. Tiger Curse Series by Colleen Houck.
 These are original (minus the love triangle, but who doesn't love a love triangle? I know I do!) which if you read much I'm sure you know this is a rare find.

4. Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.
 He creates such an amazing world. When I was done I had added a few made-up slang words to my vocabulary.
Also by Scott Westerfeld is the Leviathan series... it doesn't make the list but it's definitely interesting and fun and I'm looking forward to reading the third and final installment.

5. The Darkest Power Series By Kelley Armstrong.
 These are aimed a little younger but I could NOT put them down. (also there's a branch off series to these and the first one is called "the Gathering" I read this first and it's what made me read the others.)

6. The Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #1) By Cassandra Clare.
 I could have included this with the Mortal Instrument series but this series makes the list by itself. ok... well the first one does. The second one comes out in December and I'm SO EXCITED.

7. Someday Soon by Debbie Macomber.
This is aimed older, and it is the only one on my list that is not fantasy fiction. definitely a bit more graphic. I'm kind of embarrassed by my love for Debbie Macomber (and Iris Johansen) books. Some of her books are so much fun! and some of them are dull dull dull. ask me for more good ones.

8. Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich.
 Also aimed older. I picked this up randomly one day in Smiths and I cracked up through the whole thing! so random. I kept giggling and hiding my face in a pillow so I wouldn't wake Casey.

9. Vampire Academies by Richelle Mead.
 There are a million of these. okay maybe only 6 or 7. But I wouldn't read them all straight or you get kind of sick of them. They're different and I love 'em. Even if they are trendy vampire books.

10. House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristen Cast.
 Again I'm embarrassed that this is another vampire series and again there are a million of the. Don't read them in a row. take a break. I still haven't made it through the series because I borrow them from Dani.  But I love them even more then Vamp Academies. You finally get a heroine who relies on her friends!

11. The Demon Trappers Series by Jana Oliver.
 I really loved the first one. The second one I kind of wanted to punch her in the face for being so dumb but she's a strong character and I'm excited for the next installment.

12. Red Handed By Gena Showalter.
Fun, fast, easy read.

Ok I promised myself I'd only do 10... so really quick, Hex Hall, Touch of Frost, The Girl in the Steel Corset, and the Lorien Legacies Series..... I'll stop myself now.
And then I'd like to recommend some new authors who are a hoot, Lucy Kevin (Seattle Girl-- aimed older, it has language), and Gemma Halliday, and maybe even Amanda Hocking. These 3 authors have a lot of books under 3 dollars that you can get on your Nook. That's how I found them and I would look for books by them in the future because I like their writing style and imagination.

Again, I apologize for not having a ranking system or being able to limit it to 10. I also wish I could get pictures for you but really, who has the time? Any way, if you've asked me for book recommendations here they are and I'm sorry that I'm so immature. :D
Also people ask if I like my Nook. No, I do not "like" my Nook. I LOVE my Nook. Her name is Ella (after Ella Enchanted my favorite childhood book that I still read a couple of times a year) and she is my best friend. She comes with me everywhere. Although she does make it way to easy to buy books and therefore spend money... oops.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Work, Mermaids, Sugarland, and S'mores

My Title pretty much explains the madness that has been our lives. Summer FLEW by way too fast. Casey worked the whole summer and barely had any time off. In July I read 20 books; apparently I turn into a pathetic lump when Casey works 7 days a week. On the up side, it gave me time to perfect a zucchini bread recipe (Leslie cooks? what? yes, don't be confused, it doesn't happen often.)
Casey bought me a porch swing for our anniversary! I'm so excited!!! every time it rained I would go sit out on our front porch on the ground. Now I can sit on my padded swing! I'm in love with it.
I went and saw the Little Mermaid down at Tuachan with my best friend! It was so very cute. Go see it and ooh-and-ahh over the special effects that they do with the water. it's magical. Speaking of magical, I also threw up a blue snow cone, witnessed an almost-fight at the parawan derby, and I'm pretty sure I saw a unicorn on the way home. Now I'm trying to convince Moon to take me to Grease.
As I previously mentioned, Moon worked A LOT this summer. He had 4 days off in two and a half months and one day was for a family reunion and one was for a funeral. So he finally gets a whole 2 day weekend and what does he do? He buys me Sugarland concert tickets! Moon doesn't even like Sugarland. He makes me feel so special. he spends his first saturday off in 3 months, at a concert he didn't really enjoy. But I loved it! "Stay" is one of my all time favorite songs (not really sure why. I think its the emotion that she projects, it's so impressive.) and it was beautiful in concert! I got chills.
We have been wanting to go camping SO BAD this summer. a couple of weeks ago we finally got the chance. We camped with Brady and Haikyn, Maegan, and Meretta, and boy howdy did we have fun. We shot guns, and Maegan and Brady shot the bow and arrow (me and meretta couldn't pull the string back. embarrassing. I got it back once and was ridiculously proud of myself.), we ate a TON because that's what you do while camping, we drove in the beautiful mountains, and we chilled around the campfire. It was such a fun weekend. Moose played so hard that his paws got tired and he slept for an almost solid for 48 hours. And I think Skills, who has gotten to be a lazy fatty, ran more than she has in long time! Can I take a moment to talk about the food? I love food. And we had some seriously good food. One night we went to Brady's dad's camp and Monta fed us. oh yummy! and Then Casey made Heart attack toast and hungry mans for breakfast, we also had cobler and dutch oven cakes because Moon is amazing with a dutch oven. But, I think my favorite thing was the s'mores. It has been a long time since I've had a yummy s'more and I've been craving more since we got home. We used the really big marshmallows and because it's me that was probably a bad idea. I somehow managed to get Marshmallow on my forehead and in my hair.
Anyway, All is well with us and things are finally back to a normal schedule for Casey. I'm not reading at such a rapid pace, but football season did just start so that might change. Hope you enjoyed the update and I'm sorry I'm not a picture taker. I know those would have told the story much better than I can with words.

Monday, August 1, 2011

4 years later

Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary! I feel like we just got married and at the same time like we've been together forever. (yes, I know, "really Leslie? another mushy post? especially another one where you talk about how great Casey is... ugh." but it just has to be said. Sorry!) Casey and I dated on and off for 3 years before we got married. So here we are, 7 years later, and that boy still twitterpates me like crazy! I still get the tingles when we kiss and I still can't believe that he picked me.

Moon Face,
You are the Copper to my Todd, the cake to my fat kid, the hoot to my holler, and the reason that I'm so happy. You crack me up on a daily basis. You know how to fix me when I'm broken. There are millions of reasons why I keep you around but I think the most important is you're insanely sexy and that never hurts ;-). I love you like crazy!


Your creepy and weird Wifey Moon

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week sucked. There's not much else to describe it. It just sucked. (Sorry mom I know you hate the S-U-C-K word). So in honor of this crappy week I will be purging all of my anger into this post about things that I'm hating right now.

  • Allergies. and all things allergy related; mainly snot, itchy throat, and watery eyes.

  • Cubicles. I want to be outside!!!! (where I can further complain about my allergies)

  • That you have to wear shoes in most public places. Shoes are overrated.

  • PCOS

  • Hormones

  • When some one says you aren't allowed to complain, or judges your complaining. watch me. Now you've pissed me off and I'm going to complain more.

  • unwanted sympathy. When I say I'm fine, let it drop or I might cry. I'll talk when I'm ready.

  • Bratwurst's. the look the smell, all of it is just nasty.

  • Waterproof mascara

  • Books with no climax. Or worthless main characters.

  • Mean "significant others". You know who you are. and if you had man junk I'd give you a "you know why!" moment. (Not mine. He's awesome)

  • laundry

  • Lana Lang in Smallville.

  • and most of all I hate my negative attitude. I'm not this person. I'll work on fixing it.

Now to be fair... I think maybe I should say that I have had some awesome things happen this week. Casey is as amazing as ever and he takes such good care of me when my week sucks. He really is my pillar of strength. My friends and family are the BEST. I know it's stupid but we're dog sitting for some friends and now have 4 dogs for over a week... you'd think this would be a bad thing, but they love me more than Casey and follow me everywhere in hopes of getting cuddle time. It makes me feel special. I like being a crazy dog lady. Also I have re-discovered tootsie-rolls. YUMMY! That's my rant for the day. The end.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This Month has been absolute madness. So I'm doing this blog in two parts: Birthday and Idaho

Part 1: Sick Birthday.

I LOVE my birthday. I frequently tell people that I believe it should be a national holiday. I celebrate "birthday week" in which I am entitled to whatever I want whenever I want it. I buy cupcakes whenever I see them, I LOVE cupcakes (don't buy cupcakes at wal mart.)! But this year Casey was sick all week and then on my birthday, May 6, I was SO SICK! I didn't get out of bed. I couldn't get the energy to watch tv or read, Even though Casey gave me a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble!!!! (I could not be more excited about this.) I just laid there going in and out of sleep and wanted to rip my throat out with jagged fingernails. Casey came home from work with flowers and CPK that I could eat in bed. I took drugs. and more drugs. And then decided that since it's dark and I just have to sit there I was making Casey take me to see Thor. On our way to the movie we got a text from Casey's Mom; His grandma Moon had past away at about 3:00 that day. She's now with her sweetheart and she was ready to go but it's still hard to say goodbye; there are so few people left that have to do with Casey's dad. Also the selfish part of me was very upset she died on my birthday. Now every year I'll remember that. I'm a jerk I know.

But we really liked Thor and then we came home and went straight to bed.

The next day was the 5K Walk for the Cure. We do this every year with Casey's family. If you have never done it, I recommend it. It's crazy how many people are there! The shirts are so fun to read and some teams are so clever with their names and outfit choices.

So much pink....

Look close. people are packed on this road for about two miles.

This wore us out! we spent the rest of the weekend taking drugs, sleeping, and never leaving the house.


All I wanted for my birthday was to see the play Wicked. The week took forever to go by because I was like a kid waiting for Christmas (only better because I'm kind of a scrooge...). Casey was not excited. But, apparently he loves me because I offered to take someone else and he insisted on coming. WICKED WAS AMAZING!!!! I absolutely loved it! Elphaba gave me chills when she sang. I smiled through basically the whole thing. Casey was very neutral about it. We were on the second to last row so my pictures are awful and once it started I was enraptured and didn't take any pictures.

An awful picture of us all dressed up to go "to the theatre" which we always said with a British accent.

The set was amazing.

My excitement could not be contained.

We went to Idaho on Friday and the play wasn't til 8:00pm on Saturday so we had some time to kill. We visited Casey's Sister and her family and I finally got to see their house! We played soccer with the kids and watched a 6 year olds soccer game.

Our hotel was located in a fantastic spot! We went across the street to the movies and saw Something Borrowed (I read the book so of course I have to see the movie). And there we discovered the Creperie!

Nutella and Dulce de Leche crepes. We ate here twice in the 2 days we were there...

We played mini golf and tied. (sad day. we had a good bet going.)

Boise Idaho may not be the most happening town but we had so much fun! Casey is so hilarious that we basically laughed for 3 days straight. I even managed to stay awake the whole 6 hours there and back! Miracle! This week is absolute madness with job interviews, softball games, funerals, cooking classes, work, friends, but at least we're keeping busy! Bye!

P.S. GO SEE WICKED! and I'm sorry this post is dull.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Big Issues

It has recently come to my attention that sometimes the things that me and Casey talk about are a little weird. Mostly this has to do with our debates. You know, politics, the meaning of life... or not. We LOVE to debate insignificant matters. Their are of course the main ones that we will never give up on, such as; Batman vs. Superman, Dr.Pepper vs. Coke, and Who gets to die first, Is Star Wars awesome. We'll just have to agree to disagree on these. Here are the ones that have popped up in the last little while: (If you've hung out with us you've probably been brought into the debate)

  • Cheerleaders vs. Dancers-- who's hotter? (I feel that Casey's poor taste will reflect poorly on me. I'm working on him but so far in the opinion poll I think he's winning this one. Darn.) side note: There are of course hot ones of both. No one be offended!

  • Flying vs. Super-strength-- This one brings a whole other round of questions such as

  1. Does Super-strength allow you to jump higher?

  2. Does flying allow you to carry another person? Or is it like running and takes too much exertion?

  3. Does Super-strength increase your stamina? Could I run for a longer period of time?

  • Jennifer Aniston vs Brooklyn Decker-- Who's Hotter?

  • Baseball vs. Soccer-- which is more lame to watch (no offense to those of you who play either... they're just not too exciting to watch...)

  • Who's friends are crazier, Mine or His? (Sorry friends... I think we're losing this battle...)

Those are our big issues for now. There are others but either I can't remember them or I feel they are blog inappropriate. So, if you randomly see one of us go "ah-ha!" it probably has something to do with one of these. We both love being right and refuse to back down; so please, feel free to comment and choose my side (even though I've intentionally left out who picks which. If you care you can ask me. But since I'm all around cooler than Casey I'd hate to have you just jump on my band wagon because I'm awesome.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stupid deliciousness

My name is Leslie Moon and I have a problem. I am addicted to Diet Coke. This SHAMES ME! I've always been a diet soda hater. I think if your going to drink it to enjoy it then do it, and stop worrying about calories! ridiculous. But then my doctor put me on the low carb diet and I realized I would have to give up Coke (the drink. not the drug. I think that's pretty low carb already.) decided I was too weak to live with out caffeine/carbonation. Here's the weird part. I only drank regular Coke a couple of times a week; Date nights, When Casey makes me wake up early on weekends, Girls nights, etc.. I crave Diet Coke ALL THE TIME! I want one every day. I can no longer mock Casey for his daily Dr.Pepper needs (although he still drinks way more than me.) Going 3 days without regular Coke was normal. Going 3 days with out Diet Coke is a huge accomplishment. After I noticed this I've been on the lookout for info confirming that Diet Coke is more addictive. I found this article: http://healthmad.com/nutrition/diet-versus-regular-soda/ But other than that I haven't seen much. Some people I've talked to say it's because you don't have to worry about calories so you don't think it counts. I'm not one of those people. Soda is not good for you. Period. Carbonation, caffeine, sugar, artificial sweetener, it's all bad for you, whether it's diet or not. I know this and I still love it. Sorry, not the point. The point is actually a question. Do you think Diet Soda is more addictive? I'd love to have you enable me and make excuses for my addiction. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Blue

This is Big Blue (I didn't name her). She's a 1990 Ford F250 and we love her. If you knew Casey in high school you will automatically associate this big loud beast with him. And boy-howdy is it loud. The horn is so quiet that to get someones attention we rev the engine. This truck is not for the weak; every time I take it to the mechanic I offer to pull it in for them and they look at me like "psh I'm a mechanic, I don't need your help." then they come back and say "is there a trick to starting it?" to which I reply "push on the clutch HARD. Like, stand on it." Reverse is also tricky. You have to play with it for a while. I had my friend Maegan parellel park it for me once and when she finished she said she wouldn't have to work out for a week. Yep. Thats Big Blue. She makes me feel like a red-neck queen.
Here's where I get mushy. This truck was Casey's dad's. I know it sounds cheesey and weird but I feel like when I drive it, I actually knew Jesse Moon. Casey's dad died when he was ten and I LOVE to hear stories about him. The fact that Big Blue is now mine (I have the shorter drive so I drove her and Casey took Brooke, the Mazda.) makes me feel like Casey's dad is smiling on me proudly because I can now park her without any problems, which makes me feel ridiculously awesome. Casey wants his kids to drive this truck when they turn 16.

This trucks been through a lot. It has 360,000 miles on it and a couple years ago it was hit by a crane. Yes, I did say a crane. Casey had it parked on a job site and the crane operator backed into it. The drivers side is now ridiculously dented and we (as in Casey, Brady, and Randy) replaced the front quarter panel and door with junk yard parts. The brakes went out a while back... it was one of the scariest things that's ever happened to me. I thought I was going to kill someone. They still don't work great but being able to stop without shifting into first is now possible.
Big Blue has been having trouble starting lately, this had Casey really worried. He didn't want to kill Big Blue. He wanted her around forever. He also was very worried that I would get stranded somewhere. When it's cold sometimes she won't start and now that it's always hard to start Casey was worried. Then last saturday I noticed something leaking in the back. I went and touched it and smelled diesel. I sadly reported the news to Casey. He's been wanting a new car and he convinced me that Big Blue should not be a commuter car if we want her to last forever. The fixing of the gas tank is not going to be a one day project but we'll get it done. Big Blue is still alive and well and we still love her and plan on giving her to our offspring some day. But for now....

we got a new car! This is the Jeep Liberty. it's a 2009 and so far we LOVE it! I HATE that we now have two car payments and I wanted a little cheap thing but, as always, I caved to Casey's cute face. We haven't named her yet but I'm sure we will soon.
We now have 4, yes, 4 cars at our house; the broken down Pathfinder (been broken down for almost 2 years... we just haven't called a junkyard), the Mazda, The Jeep, and of course, the Ford. Hopefully soon we'll only have three and one day we'll fix the truck so that she no longer leaks oil OR diesel and she can stop staining the road and driveway.
Anyway, the point is, Thank you Mom and Dad Moon for the truck. We love her and will do everything we can to keep her running.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the latest

It's been a while, so I thought I'd do an update.

Our car has been returned to us... it's not completely finished but it still looks pretty! no dents.

We went to Vegas! It was a lot of fun! We went down to watch the Mountain West Conference finals and cheer loud for BYU.
left to right: Brandon Davies, Chris Collinsworth, Jimmer Fredette, Jackson Emery, Logan (alwyas talking...) and Noah Hartsock. We love watching these boys play.
We stayed on Fremont street (which I love) and we got to see my brother Lance which was awesome! As always I forgot my camera.... Luke, my Uncle Steve, Casey and I went on the roller coaster at New York New York and Casey won $60 playing Black Jack. On another high note, we found "Gold and Silver Pawn", I think that's what it's called... Anyway, Casey LOVES the show "Pawn Stars" and we just happened to drive past it so we just had to stop! There was so much cool stuff! some things that stood out were a pair of dueling pistols, a sweet 3D bronze thing of Elvis, and a bronco's Superbowl ring that cost $99,900. We also got to stop and see Ali and Travis Jarrett in Cedar City which is always amazing! and Ali cooked us food that was so good that Casey and I were both ridiculously full until about 10 pm.

Other than that, same ol', same ol'.... I'm still in a rut which has made me moody (poor Casey...) and Casey is still amazing. He's taking a history class and thinking of minoring in History, I told him he's crazy but he didn't listen.

We spent another $300 at the vet on getting Moose's ears cleaned and getting him medication. I hope the poor boy can stay ear infection free for a while.


The End

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It's February! meaning "Fun Food February" at the Dairy Keen! Of course I always love the DK but I especially look forward to fried Twinkies... mmm.. it's like a little piece of heaven! I almost cried when it was gone. seriously.
I recommend not ordering it with your food. You want it fresh. Casey loves his with the strawberry's but I think it makes it soggy and much too healthy. Mmm yummy!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Good People

As you all probably know, we were in a car accident. We were coming down Provo Canyon Sunday night with my cousin Llexa in the back, Casey driving, and me asleep in the passenger seat. Since I was asleep through most of the accident what I have to report is mostly what I've been told. But here's what happened;
At the hill right before bridal veil falls Casey looked in his rear view mirror and saw head lights flying towards us, he couldn't believe how fast they were going and started telling me and Llexa about it "wow, that car-", but that's as far as he got because as the car was trying to pass us they hit the back end on the drivers side sending both us and them into a spin (apparently this was quite loud). We spun from the right lane through the left land and into the wire median where we took out 2 posts and our front end (they claim this was also loud...). Somewhere in that time Casey hit his head and shoulder. We bounced off the wire and continued to spin. Casey very sadly said "oh crap" (that's right folks, he actually said "crap"! The swearing came later...) And that "oh crap" is what woke me up. I opened my eyes to ask what he had left in heber but was stopped from speaking by the fact that we were facing the wrong way with a red hatchback (the car that hit us) sideways in front of us. We then spun until our back end hit the cement barrier on the side of the road and stopped. The Hatchback kept driving and never hit anything besides us. They were never found. we stopped on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic.
The fact that we were all okay is a miracle. I'm so grateful that everyone is alright. But here's what I really want to say; THANK YOU!
As soon as the shock wore off, I looked in our rear view mirror and saw that like 6 cars had pulled over at the bottom of the hill. There were people booking it up the hill to come make sure we were okay. Of all the cars that stopped only one car unloaded and to those 4 guys we are so grateful. All they did was check on us, And suggest that we pull forward so that we were off the road and wouldn't be hit by oncoming cars. But they really cared. I am so glad that the world has that kind of people in it. I always see someone stranded and think "I should stop. But what help would I be?" Now I know; I just felt good that someone cared. All of the other cars drove off as soon as they saw us get out of the car. These 4 guys were determined to get to us just in case we couldn't get out of the car. We didn't get their names and they didn't see anything but us spinning out of control but we are so so grateful to them. Thank you strangers. I thank God for people like you.