Just Us

Just Us

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ode to my Blog title

It's been a while since I've blogged... So I'm blogging! However, I have a lot of things jumbling around in my brain and, as always, it's nothing important just  Lots of Nonsense.

I've been thinking about the huge amounts of peaches Casey canned and whether I should start putting bows on them and giving them as gifts (Yes, Casey canned peaches. Heston LOVES THEM but we have a ton! we also have a lot of Jam....)
I've been thinking about how awesome Heston is.
I've been thinking about ways I feel I should be a better Mom... things like maybe bathing Heston regularly instead of the wet wipe baths I tend to do. Or working on getting him to use more words. Not letting him wash his hands with a dog tongue....
I've been thinking about how amazing stay at home mom's are. seriously. I could write a whole post about this. It's gotten to the point where if I'm sick, it's easier to come to work. Staying home with Heston can be exhausting! and there's only one of him!
I've been thinking that I wish it wasn't SO HARD for Casey and I to have kids. I LOVED having my brother so close in age. I'm having a really hard time accepting that that may not be the case for Heston. And the freaking Clomid turns me into a girl for about a week each month. Yes, I realize I am a girl but I've never had the emotional roller coaster most girls seem to have. But now, about once a month, I get sad. I just want more love and little things can make me mad or sad or touched or any other amounts of crazy you want to put out there. Beware; during this week I hope you aren't the person who asks me or tells me "it's time to have another one". because then I'll go into too much detail about our sex lives and try to make you uncomfortable. I hate that the clomid hasn't worked and now we'll have to take the next steps.
I've been thinking about the huge amounts of unconditional love Casey, Heston (our 2 other children, Skills and Moose) and I have sent our way. The Magnusson Family, the Moon Family, Our amazing friends... they would do anything for us. It's awesome.
I've been thinking about how excited I am for the third book in the Divergent series, Allegient, to come out! October 22 folks!
I've been thinking about the government shut down and how sad it is. How hard it is on our Nation. In so many ways.
I've been thinking about taking a Latin class. Because I believe if I all of a sudden get my magical powers, Latin will come in handy.

As you can see, I think about a lot of Nonsense! Most of it has no conclusion. Most of it will always be a puzzle in my mind. But hey, now I've blogged. One less thing to think about.

I feel this picture accurately portrays my life. And my mind.