Just Us

Just Us

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last week sucked. There's not much else to describe it. It just sucked. (Sorry mom I know you hate the S-U-C-K word). So in honor of this crappy week I will be purging all of my anger into this post about things that I'm hating right now.

  • Allergies. and all things allergy related; mainly snot, itchy throat, and watery eyes.

  • Cubicles. I want to be outside!!!! (where I can further complain about my allergies)

  • That you have to wear shoes in most public places. Shoes are overrated.

  • PCOS

  • Hormones

  • When some one says you aren't allowed to complain, or judges your complaining. watch me. Now you've pissed me off and I'm going to complain more.

  • unwanted sympathy. When I say I'm fine, let it drop or I might cry. I'll talk when I'm ready.

  • Bratwurst's. the look the smell, all of it is just nasty.

  • Waterproof mascara

  • Books with no climax. Or worthless main characters.

  • Mean "significant others". You know who you are. and if you had man junk I'd give you a "you know why!" moment. (Not mine. He's awesome)

  • laundry

  • Lana Lang in Smallville.

  • and most of all I hate my negative attitude. I'm not this person. I'll work on fixing it.

Now to be fair... I think maybe I should say that I have had some awesome things happen this week. Casey is as amazing as ever and he takes such good care of me when my week sucks. He really is my pillar of strength. My friends and family are the BEST. I know it's stupid but we're dog sitting for some friends and now have 4 dogs for over a week... you'd think this would be a bad thing, but they love me more than Casey and follow me everywhere in hopes of getting cuddle time. It makes me feel special. I like being a crazy dog lady. Also I have re-discovered tootsie-rolls. YUMMY! That's my rant for the day. The end.