Just Us

Just Us

Monday, November 22, 2010

Fam Damily

It's time for the cliche Thanksgiving post. And this year I have been thinking a lot about how grateful am for my AMAZING family. Yes, this is going to be a cheesey post. And the pictures are old, so I apologize for that.

First, the Magnusson side

I am proud to call these people family. My family is Loud! and in physical size we are BIG! People always ask "do you come from a big family?" This question makes me chuckle. No, there are not a million children, my parents had 4 kids. however, at 5'10" I am most definitely the runt. BUT, we also include each inlaw as a sibling (including Natalie although she's not pictured! Sorry Nat!) and for each one person there is the noise of at least 3 normal people. Maybe not for Casey and Nat but we'll teach them. Casey's entire extended family does not make as much noise as just my immediate family. When Casey met my whole extended family he was frightened by the chaos. When I was younger, I was not close with my family. I'm not sure why. Now, I can't think of anyone who I'd rather hang out with. They are so funny! And they would do absolutely anything for me and Casey. We love them so much, quarks and all.

Now the Moons!

I Cannot believe how grateful I am for these people. I keep hearing about all of these dramas between people and there inlaws. Well, sorry, mine rock!!! They are definitely not hard to get along with! They love me and Casey just the way we are. I got the best inlaws in the world. They know I'm crazy and they still love me (I think....) it took me a long time to feel like I could be myself around them because I am so different from them; I'm loud, vegetarian, and love to get personal. They are very respectful of space, quiet, well mannered, and definite carnivores (except Robin! Thank you Robin!). But guess what? They still love me and want to spend time with me! They would do anything for Casey and I, and we would do anything for any of them.

If you haven't noticed The Magnusson family and the Moon family are very different. But they are both OUR FAMILY There's none of this your family and my family. I am honored that Casey feels like my mom and dad and siblings are his mom and dad and siblings. I'm so grateful that through Casey I have nine more siblings and another fantastic woman to call mom.

I love you family! and I'm grateful that I'm stuck with you forever!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Question/Rant of the day

Opinion time.
There were 2 young men breaking into a home in Utah. One through the back door using a screw driver, the other through a window. The owner of the home came down and saw the man at the back door and fired his weapon at the would-be robber. Both men ran off. The young man he fired at died at the edge of the yard from the gunshot. He was 19. The home-owner could face some serious charges because of his actions. You are only allowed to attack with equal force. so he could have used a screw driver on the boy.

First I want to say that this young man was 19 years old and I totally believe people can change. His chance to turn his life around is now over and that is an awful tragedy.
what would I do differently? The owner had his wife and children in the home with him. Do you call the police, hide, and pray with all that you have that these men only want to rob you and don't want to harm your family? Could I live with killing some one? No. Could I live with having my child killed because I failed to act? No. So What now? In my home I would flip on lights, but in order to do that I'd have to walk where the burglar could see me. How do I know if he has a gun or just a screw driver? How do I know his intent? And now what if this man goes to jail and leaves his family anyway?
Where's the line? What would you do?