Just Us

Just Us

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday was a fantastic day. I dare say a perfect day. Day to day life can be dull and monotonous or stressful and frustrating, but then a day like yesterday happens and I seriously don't think it's possible for life to get better. :) So, here are the ingredients for my fantastic day of rest; sleeping in, playing with Casey and Skills, holding Casey's arms while skills tortures him by licking his face, church (lesson on gratitude), reading while Casey watches football, cooking with Casey, Speghetti, jello for desert, brownies for desert #2, Giving Casey lick torture round 2, Greys anatomy while cuddling on the couch, and finally being sandwiched between Casey and Skills as I fell asleep for the night. What a fabulous day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yes I know this post is very delayed but this was what we did on Halloween! We carved pumpkins! haha yes, we do realize you are supposed to carve them before the actual night of Halloween but, it was fun anyway! It was my first time actually carving a pumpkin. Mom and dad must not have trusted me and Logan with knives... we always painted ours! any way, Casey carved his Haunted house pumpkin and skills' blues clues pumpkin (yes we carved our dog a pumpkin) in the time that I carved one simple face! In my defense, I was using a kitchen knife while he had a carving tool. We had a blast! We were very proud of our pumpkins!

Me and Skills with the pumpkins. She loved the pumpkin guts! It's her new favorite treat!
The master of the pumpkin carve
Skills with her blues clues pumpkin. Isn't it cute!

I thought this was amazing! In the picture you can't tell but there are a lot of little pillars that are super hard not to break! good job Casey!