Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guilty pleasures

I think I embarrass Casey. This week has made it kind of easy to see. Luckily, he likes that I'm quirky and weird. I have a HUGE list of guilty pleasures. My definition of guilty pleasure; something that I LOVE, that I find a little embarrassing. Now, there are many things that should probably be on this list that I won't include because while some might be ashamed, I think it much too awesome. Like my love for starwars. But anyway, here are my guilty pleasures.
  • musicals

  • Twilight (yes, I've read them all about 5 times.)
  • Taylor Lautner

  • Ella Enchanted (I read it a couple times a year.)
  • Backstreet boys

  • NSYNC (boy bands probably shouldn't make the list. Everyone secretly loves them. Don't lie, you know you do.)
  • Limp Bizkit

  • Vampire Diaries

  • Gossip Girl

  • Glee

  • Hilary Duff Movies

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Brittany spears

Sunday, June 6, 2010

loving it

Things I really love (that aren't alive with organs and shtuff) that I've been thinking about lately.
  • Walking barefoot outside
  • the mountains
  • water (rain, rivers, puddles, lakes, waterfalls, drinking water, I love it all)
  • Witty banter
  • basketball shorts
  • sweats
  • air conditioning ( thanks Willis Haviland Carrier, the inventor of A.C.)
  • my pop corn popper and pop corn accessories (Thanks Missy and Dani)
  • crystal light packets
  • blankets
  • quaking aspens
  • the sunshine
  • texting
  • Taco Amigo

and that's my love for inanimate objects for the day.