Just Us

Just Us

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I have WAY too many things to be thankful for. But, as it's Thanksgiving I'm going to enjoy it instead of just dreading the coming of Christmas music. If you see me screaming like a crazy person it's probably because of the music. Anyway, back to being thankful...
I'm SO thankful for my friends and my family. I don't know what I would do without them.
 My friends not only put up with my craziness and definite over-sharing but they seem to love the real me. They love Casey, they care about my family, they are the best friends a girl could ask for. LOVE THEM.
Then there's my family; I don't even know what to write without it being ridiculously long and sappy. Every single person is AMAZING and I aspire to be just like them. They love Casey and Heston and accept the fact that I'm a crazy dog lady. They are the best.
Then there's Casey's family; I have great in-laws. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I'm sorry your in-laws suck, but mine rock. They are the easiest people to get along with and they would do anything for us. I think they are still shocked by my craziness sometimes, but they accept it and that's what matters! On a side note: at the last family party I found the best joke on a laffy taffy "why did the momma cat move her kittens?"          Answer: "because she didn't want to litter"   ahahahaha!!! such a goodie! And Casey's family now knows that I have the sense of humor of a 5 year old.
What I am most thankful for is this
This is my world. I could not be more spoiled than I am because of these 4 beings. They love me, they cuddle me, and they want to be with me. I love them. Skills is a diva who thinks she's a person, Moose is on crack and I either want to cuddle with him or punch him in the face, Heston is perfect in every way, and Casey is the best. He's everything; Smart, funny, strong, can fix anything, likes to cook, etc etc..
Also lately I've been thankful for laughter. It has recently come to my attention that most people don't throw there heads back when they laugh... apparently that's just me. and children. Embarrassing. But I'm so glad for the laughter in my life. Funny things:
  • Casey: "is that a bottle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"   (it was a bottle)
  • I'm doing my post-baby-shedding and Casey asked me if Cousin-It died in our garbage can.
  • Phil on Duck Dynasty: "we should head on down to the wal-mart and buy you a personality"
  • Marshal on How I Met Your Mother: " what do you call a fish with no eyes?... FSH"
  • Wreck It Ralph
  • Casey on Wreck It Ralph Casey: "is it as funny as Tangled?" Me:"It's a different kind of funny" Casey: "Does it have a funny horse?" Me: "no..." Casey: "Then it's not as funny."
  • dirty texts from Maegan
alright, I'll stop. The point is, I'm glad I can enjoy the little things. I'm glad my life is full of joy and I'm so thankful to the people in my life who are constantly making me laugh. Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

debates- take 2

So, As I posted before Casey and I LOVE  to have debates over stupid things. Of course no one ever wins so we still have the ones from my last post. But here are the latest. I'm sure on most of these you can guess whose opinion is whose, but please feel free to weigh in.
  • what's nerdier (I'm sure that's a word), a reading addiction or actually LIKING math?
  • Is it normal to not be able to suck and swallow at the same time? (Out of a straw!!!! I know this sounds dirty. it's not. I PROMISE!)
  • Does Heston look like Casey or Me?
Sorry this is the only one I've got of the 3 of us... 
  • Is it OK to not have emotions/block emotions?
  • Pee chills: fact or fiction?
  • Basketball or Baseball? This one just makes me mad! How is this even a competition???!!!
  • Nature Vs. Nurture? A little serious for Leslie and Casey? yep! totally obvious who stands where on this one but it's really weird because normally we have fairly similar opinions on serious issues but we are TOTALLY opposites on this! our conversations about it are hilarious.
  • Is Brandi from Storage Wars Hot?  

And I'm sure there are more but I don't remember. Also in the Batman vs. Superman I want everyone to know that Heston is being Superman for Halloween!!! I'm sure you all thought Casey was winning since he had his batman outfit in the newborn pics. But don't worry, I won't take that lying down! So thank you Callie Johnson for his superman costume and Thank you Kim for his Superman Onesie!

Also I heard on the radio today that 85%  of studies say PMS is a myth. this made me chuckle. And I think  woman everywhere are rising up to strangle the people who did this study. However, as some one who's never really had PMS I feel fine about it. How do you feel? ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yes, I am back at work and yes, it BLOWS. I hate it. I was all sorts of nervous that I couldn't be a stay at home mom. And while I was correct in thinking I would suck at the homemaker thing (I tried, but cleaning is really just not one of my skills), I was incorrect in thinking I'd have a hard time being home all day. I loved cuddling with Heston all day and getting distracted by his cute giggles. I did get a bit jittery to get out of the house but nothing that a date night or a girls night couldn't fix. I was also correct in thinking that without a reason to shower I never would. I shouldn't say never... I showered like twice a week.... (casey's such a lucky man). But now I'm back to work, back to showering, back to having a reason to avoid deep cleaning my house, and I HATE IT. I miss him. I miss comforting him when he cries, and being spit up on, and playing with him while he giggles. I hate that I only see him for 3 hours a day. I get home at 5:30 and he's in bed by 8:30. But our neighbor, Amy, is great and sends me pics and texts to sooth my craziness and so that I know he's happy. Since I'm not a cryer she's probably been witnessing my moodiness which takes the form of VERY loud angry music. I also have eaten WAY to much cake...Anyway, I will probably be back at work for about 6 months so that we can pay off a few things and then we'll be able to afford expensive and crappy healthcare.  Just wanted to give an update! I really will start posting more often. eventually.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Alright, this will hopefully be my last post about motherhood. I mean obviously I'll share a funny story or awesomeness if it happens but lets be honest; me having a motherhood blog is like Richard Simmons blogging about how to be manly. So this post is just to answer the questions that I get a lot.

  • How's being a new mommy?   I LOVE it. Heston is amazing. He makes it sooo easy to love him.   He's a very chill baby... not sure where he gets that? me and Casey are both so high strung (heavy sarcasm). I'm still BLOWN AWAY by how much time he takes. every one said all they do is sleep, eat, and poop, so I figured I'd have plenty of down time... nope! because he came sleeping through the night and he needed 7 feedings a day (we just changed to 6 yesterday) I've been having to feed him every 2-2 1/2 hours... which sounds like a lot but it's totally not!
  • How's breast feeding? you'd be surprised how often I get this question. The answer is I'm not breast feeding. I'm pumping. So Heston is getting breast milk but it's from a bottle. The follow up to this is always: WHY? It started because we had to get him out of the NICU. And since he'd already had a binky he had nipple confusion and if he didn't latch on for at least 10 minutes AND keep his blood sugar up they wouldn't let him out. We got frustrated and did a bottle with formula since obviously I wasn't producing much. We continued to give him formula and whatever I pumped until I was producing enough milk to switch completely to that. Now let me say that I'm not sure I would do it differently. Yes, it sucks that I have to feed AND then pump. You're thinking "no wonder you don't have a lot of time" but he's a pretty quick eater and I'm a pretty quick pumper. the reasons I like it; We can track how much he's eating, I've discovered my left breast produces 1/2 of what my right one does, when he has growth spurts we have have more milk ready to go instead of having to feed more frequently, any one can feed him, and the main one is IT'S EASIER TO GET HIM ON A SCHEDULE! I don't have to worry all the time that he's hungry or that he's not getting enough. Yes, I still worry about the nutrition content but all in all it's been great! especially as I'm discovering I'm not creating more milk. I've been trying to build a stock pile but no matter how long I pump for after the milk stops coming I can't seem to increase production. So far I'm still making enough but I feel like he's catching up fast...
  • What are you doing about work? I was very worried about quitting my job. I didn't think I could hack it as a stay at home Mom. But, after this time with Heston I think I'll go back for the mandatory 2 weeks and that will be my 2 weeks notice. I can't imagine leaving him... and lets be honest; my job wasn't satisfying. Heston is. 
  • How's he sleeping? As I mentioned above, he was pretty much born sleeping through the night. once the doctor told us it was ok to let him go more than 4 hours he's just progressively gotten longer. However, he also hates bedtime. He'll go to sleep, then wake up about a half hour later and cry and won't go back to sleep for at least another half hour. Sometimes he goes in ten minute cycles. It can take up to 2 hours to get him down for the night. But, he's getting better. We're not sure why this is, I think it's the lack of noise. During the day there are dogs barking, running, wrestling, me talking, the tv is pretty much always on and then at night... silence. We've read in order to self soothe he shouldn't go down for the night to a white noise type object because you don't want him relying on that. So that's a slow process but really... I can't complain. My 5 week old slept for 8 hours last night. AWESOME!
  • How are YOU doing? They always emphasize the "you" like they pity me. I feel really bad when I tell people that I'm great. I know this sounds like bragging. It's not, I SWEAR! It's just honesty. I feel great! I have the whole time. I was a little sore for 24 hours after he was born but I was walking all over the hospital the next day. I had a bit of a bleeding issue 5 days after his birth  but after that I've been great! He's sleeping so good that I think it's safe to say even the first week he was home I got more sleep than I did when I was at Snow! Also, I thought mentally I would be going crazy. I'm not. Casey said the other day "you know everyone said our world would change completely. Well, I don't think it has at all!" my response to him was "yeah, for YOU!" Casey still goes to work, comes home, goes to dinner with his work buddies occasionally. Me on the other hand, my life is VERY different. I can't tell you the last time it was over a month since I had a girls night, went to a movie, or could count on one hand how many times I've worn jeans in the last month (basketball shorts. every day. LOVE.) 
Well I think that about covers it... and since the chair I was sitting on just broke I suppose I'll wrap this up! (and maybe take that as a sign that I should do another round with my elliptical...) Sorry this post is long and boring!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heston Jesse Moon

Alright, last post for today! I promise! This post will be mostly pictures. We got Hestons Newborn pictures when he was only 6 days old. I can't believe how much he's already changed! He's lost some of the gigantic cheeks and even his rolls seem smaller to me (sad day). My friend Katy Pluim took the pics and she did amazing! Especially since he slept the whole time, was circumcised that day, and had crazy diarrhea so we couldn't take off his diaper. But we wanted to do them before Casey had to go back to work the next day. So here are some of my favorites! Which trust me it was hard to pick!

LOVE!!!! so much LOVE!!!

August First

I'm not sure how to do this post... so I'll hit the highlights and post as many pics as possible.

6 AM leaving our house to be induced.
8:10 AM I'm hooked up to pitocin (spelling? sorry!) and dilated to a 4.
10 AM I get the epidural, I go numb up to my face and can't move anything below the waist.
blood pressure drops, vomiting, I'm very very sleepy.
10:20 AM they have stopped the epidural and I'm coming out of my drug stupor. they check me and I'm dilated to an 8.
10:30 (ish) I'm dilated to a 10 and they call in Dr. Nance.
 (not sure of the time) He says they're going to "let me rest" so that hopefully I come un-numb a bit from the epidural... apparently you should be able to move your legs and feel pressure while pushing.
11:49 after pushing (which I couldn't feel but the Dr said I was doing it right) through 4 or 5 contractions for about 20 minutes a baby popped out!
10 lbs 3 oz 21 inches long.
The baby had aspirated fluid into his lungs. They laid him on my chest for about 5 seconds and then whisked him away to the NICU to be hooked up to a CPAP machine. Casey went with him.
They say there are 4 "degrees of tearing" I only tore to a 2. I was stitched up and then I was left alone until finally someone let my Mom in.
Then we waited.
And waited....
Until finally at around 5 or 6 they said I could get in a wheelchair and go see him.
We couldn't hold him as he was hooked up to the CPAP  machine (in this pic he's not... we didn't get any of him hooked up to the machine... sorry. But you get the idea)
The next 2 days were an absolute mess. I didn't want to name him until I could actually see him and not just the tubes of the CPAP machine. All we knew was that he wasn't a Xander. Casey actually told me that even before I really got to meet him! Alright, This is going way too long so I'm just going to say that it was a nightmare to get him out of the NICU and here are some pictures of the rare moments we got to hold him.

Thursday. One Day Old. That night we finally picked a name.
Heston Jesse Moon
The names on our list were Xander, Magnus, Easton, Heston, and Lawson. The only reason I agreed to put Heston on the list was because I wanted Easton on there. It was our compromise. People keep asking if we got the name from Charlton Heston. Nope. Casey worked with a kid named Heston a few years back and has liked the name ever since. We looked at him for a good long time and of all the names that one just fit our little Moon. 

I love this pic... Casey was instantly wrapped around his finger (and way more naturally a parent than I was but that's another story.)
Finally Friday night they let him check out of the NICU and we got to take him home!

He's amazing. he's already sleeping through the night... he slept 4 hours at night when we first brought him home and it's just progressively gotten longer (once his pediatrician told me it was ok to let him sleep through the night.) he's spoiling us with how good he is. And he's  really cute so that helps too. If you haven't met him yet I hope you get to soon because dang he's cute! :D 

5 year anniversary

Alright, I am WAY behind on my posting so here I go trying to catch up. we'll see how far I get... I decided since there is so much to post I'll go chronologically. August first I was going in to be induced. August second is our anniversary. So I had told Casey that the baby would be our anniversary present and we wouldn't get each other things. I know what you're thinking, "yeah right, even I know Casey well enough to know he didn't listen to you." Yes, I know you're right but I tried to keep an eye on him! usually I can tell if he's up to something! So the day before I was being induced we were getting ready to take the dogs up to my parents house and Casey insists that the lawn be mowed and the laundry be folded before we go. He's almost done with the lawn so I go start folding laundry and luckily pick the right basket. a few items of clothing down is a Barnes and Noble bag. He got me a new Nook!!!!!! with Glow light!!! I'm so happy!!! it's the best! I should be a Nook salesman. it totally rocks my world. I can read in bed without the lamp (I think this was Casey's selfish reason for wanting me to have it) and I can read in Heston's room while he's fighting sleep without turning on a light.
As you may have already guessed I didn't get Casey anything for our 5 year anniversary. yeah... I know.. I totally suck! But, I do realize I'm the luckiest girl in the world and Casey is totally the bees knees. He's made this the best 5 years of my life and he couldn't be more amazing. Happy 5 year Moon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

water breaking

Ahahahaha got you all! my water did not break. However, we did have a flood. The drain hose to our washing machine came out... awesome! so it soaked the floor all around the washer and dryer. Carpet was nice and gushy, our giant pile of laundry that never gets folded and was over-flowing got wet, it went through the walls and floor and dripped into the garage... like I said. Awesome. I thought the High-Efficiency washers were supposed to use less water! this was a lot of water!!! I'd hate to see a regular washer flood... On the plus side we have a Shop Vac!

 I really think I'm going to become a Shop Vac sales-person. I could not love an item more. (really. I use the shop vac to clean the bathroom. I know this is admitting the sad state of our bathroom when I finally get around to cleaning it... but I blame the dogs for shredding card-board and Casey for not cleaning is beard trimmings out of the sink) Anyway, the shop vac sucked up A TON of water. All of the water on the linoleum and all the excess from the carpet. Casey's been wanting to get the carpets cleaned... I think we can check that off the list! As I have recently begun to waddle (sssooo sexy) and I'm finally getting a smidge uncomfortable (at 38 1/2 weeks I think that's fair... so I'm not complaining!) Casey tried to make it so that I had nothing to do. He took the Shop Vac and wouldn't move the washer and dryer so I could do that area. So I just got to stand there and watch most of the time. Finally he had to lift things so I got to man the shop vac. yay me! Then we put a fan on the carpet and by this morning it's what I'd call damp. I'm hopeful it'll be almost dry when we get home from work. Anyway, this blog post is more just to vent my rage... stupid stupid flood. And now we don't know if our floor is going to rot away so hopefully I won't be come home to a hole where the washer/dryer were and have them chillin in the garage. Hope ya'll are good! go buy a shop-vac! :D
Oh and for the update I'm sure you were hoping for; I'm dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced  (this was Monday). So little Moon could come any time!

Friday, June 29, 2012

News Flash

So I've recently discovered some things. here they are
  • Master Chef- I hate that I love it.
  • Pawn Stars and Storage Wars. They're SOOOO stupid. why can't I stop watching?!
(I would like to insert here that I blame Casey for all three of these shows. I would love to just read while he watches them but I CAN'T look away. It's like a car accident.)
  • I have inheritted my fathers neck. wide and short. It makes finding the perfect pillow a challenge.
  • Strawberry watermelon gatorade is the bees knees.
  • People notice you more when your pregnant. Oddly enough it seems to be men who do most of the staring.
  • I'm getting better at remembering names. It's like a miracle.
  • 7 year olds over share. (we now teach primary. it's been interesting so far.)
  • Xena: Warrior Princess is still awesome (even with the bad acting.) I want to be Lucy Lawless.
  • I read too much. OK this isn't exactly a news flash but since I've been averaging a book a day (don't judge too harshly. Mostly they're $0.99-$3.00 so they're usually only like 200 pages), I've realized I really need more hobbies. Or any other hobbies...
  • I get giddy everytime I see a preview for Magic Mike. Stripper Channing???!!! it's like my crazy pregnancy dreams have been turned into a reality.
And while I'm sure ya'll don't care I felt like it'd been too long since I posted. So there you go. The very intense workings of my very complex mind.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


You know, I'd heard about pregnancy crazy hormones but I think until you experience it, you just don't know. Casey and I would joke that maybe when I got pregnant I'd have finally be a girl. Maybe I'd finally cry about weird things (or anything at all really... I cry about twice a year. Usually once is because of a TV show.)! Or get mad at him for things that weren't his fault. Those are the types of things we were expecting. Well... I'm sad to say there have been no tears and Casey is as wonderful as ever (even if he won't let me lift ANYTHING. even grocery bags).
What I have been experiencing is RAGE. Okay, it's rage for me... My friends and co-workers have informed me that for a normal person it's mild anger or annoyance. Apparently I'm generally mild mannered. But, now things that would normally make me go "you idiot" and forget about them, I am now am enraged for like an hour thinking about the stupidity of the person! Like the guy who almost took out the front end of my car yesterday and then 30 seconds later caused an accident. If I could have safely stopped you would have been ripped a new one in person instead of just out my window. And I was still riled up an hour later when Casey called me.
Also, people who generally annoy me, now they better just stay out of my way. I always have a lack of filter on my mouth, but because I like most people that's fine. Now... yikes. It takes everything I have not to say something.
The other one is anxiety. I now feel anxiety. I think this is fairly new to me. Sure sure like anybody else I'd get a little anxious over a big test or being dropped from the skycoaster at Lagoon.  But when the dog dropped a nearly-dead mouse at my feet; I think I came very near a panic attack... I had to put my head between my knees and hole up in my room and breath for like 10 minutes. I'm feeling anxiety about things that I KNOW normally I wouldn't. Someone please tell me this will go away? I don't like it.
Now for a funny story; The other day me and Casey go to California Pizza Kitchen, the hostess asked us, "would you like a table or a booth?" I say "Booth please" and Casey smiles and says, "Do you still fit in a booth?" Moon!!!! I punched him and then we both laughed forever after we got seated and I realized there was like a fingers-width of space between my belly and the table. Sad day, I'm going to have to become a table sitter! booths are so much better :(
I also turned to Casey the other day and asked in my most horrified voice "oh no, do my boobs look bigger already?!" and he says "can they get bigger then ginormous?" Not helpful Moon! but it did give me the giggles for the next couple of hours. So did this;

The monkey tail! It took me Months to talk him into it. He must love me though because he did it! you can't see it very well.. from the side it looks fairly normal. then he turns his head. What was even better was that he didn't want to leave it because he was embarrassed so then he did this:

The Porn-Stache! . He looked like a huge creeper. I couldn't look at him without giggling. he got a lot more crap about the porn-stache then the monkey tail. He's going to kill me for posting that picture. hehe.
And that's all for now! some day I'll post pictures from my birthday trip to Jackson Hole!

Friday, April 20, 2012

bloggity blog

This post comes because of my boredom at work. I apologize. As I begin I'm not even sure what to blog about. My intense fear of becoming a mother? especially if we decide I'll be a stay at home mom (I'm not domesticated. AT ALL. oi.), My serious dissapointment in the realization that Casey totally wears the pants in our relationship, My weird morning involving a dead mouse and a man doing the farmers nose blow, or I can always stick with the classics such as how cute puppies are. I really love puppies. I like to make lists. Maybe I'll make you a list. So heres a list of my favorite action movies. These are the movies that despite how many times I've seen them, and despite the fact that I own some of them I ALWAYS watch if they're on TV.
  • Rocky IV. So much love. it makes me want to run up a mountain.
  • Fast and the Furious. All of them, except tokyo drift. that one blows. Fast Five gives me an extra special thrill because of Dwayne.

  • Die Hard. Again, All of them.
  • Gladiator. On a side note this was the first rated R movie I saw.
  • Star Wars. I know I have not made my love for these movies a secret. Except episodes II and III. blah.
  • 300. epic.

  • Lord of the Rings. yes, I know, my nerd is showing.
  • the Patriot. so sad that they kill Heath. But what a goody of a show.
  • X-Men. Again, So very cheesey but I can't help but love them
  • Terminator. All of them. They're all cheesey goodness.
I can't resist a picture of Arnold.
And that is all.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy World Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

I know I'm a day late but this is so ridiculously cute even heartless ol' me thought of tearing up! This is my sweet niece Abby and I love her to pieces!!! Also, if you haven't ever visited my Sister-in-laws blog do so. She's a hoot. She's also passionate which is something I tend to lack. If your reading this you're on my blog so just look at the blogs I follow and got to Mostly True Stuff. Thats her. :D Enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012


The winner of the bet is.... ME!!! (Of course.) We're having A BOY!!!! So I get final say on the name... I made sure to rub Casey's face in it the second we walked out of our ultrasound. The sad part is that Casey is always so much better than me. He had his list all ready to go, with a bunch of cute girls names we both liked. I have 2 names on my list. And now Casey is trying to brainwash me by calling the baby the name he likes. He's a poo. Anyway, just thought I'd share the news! I was going to wait til I remembered to post a picture, but is it weird to post a picture of my unborn babies man-junk? Is it weird to celebrate man-Junk?
In other news, I have finally let Casey start working on the nursery remodel! I use the "finally" very loosely. Casey wanted to start buying stuff and working on the room the second the stick gave us plus sign. But to be fair I'm not due til the end of July! I kept putting him off by saying "not until we know the gender". Now we know the gender... uh oh. He's already set up the crib, put up bead board (caulked it, painted it, etc..), made me help pick out a color scheme (thanks Missy, and the cute bedding and Babies R us), bought paint, and installed canned lighting on a dimmer switch so the lights don't wake the baby and his clumsy wife doesn't hurt herself. He's done most of it all by himself while I sit and cat call at him. He's such a yummy handy-man. I've learned that I am an excellent caulker, and that using a tape measure is way harder than it looks (I'll be making Casey do all measuring of rooms, or anything farther than 3 feet, from here on out). And I'm sure I'll be posting pictures when it's all done. On a side note, If you need any paint, we went a bit overboard... sooo.... we have white, gray, blue, yellow, and orange.  we'll be done with them soon and you're welcome to them.
ITS A BOY!!!! :D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Alright, let me begin with my negativity. I HATE Valentines Day. I think it's a stupid holiday based on consumerism. But hey, whatev. Maybe Casey just spoils me too much year round. Or maybe it's another holiday that plays with my inability to buy presents for other people (I'm the WORST). But I thought in the spirit of the season I would take note of some things I've been loving lately. Not the normal things like family, friends, Casey, etc.. but specific things. so here we go
  • The way Casey's face lights up when he talks about the baby
  • The way Moose checks on me, no matter how far he has to come to do it, every time I cough or sneeze. He won't leave until I say "I'm okay".
  • The way Casey will wake up and pet the Skills to calm her when she's having nightmares. sidenote: What do dogs have nightmares about??? Lions and Tigers?
  • Rain Berry Gatorade
  • My doctor (Dr. Nance) who calls me back within a half hour even if he's not in the office that day.
  • Live basketball games. We went to a Jazz game and our nephew Rylans game (he's 11) and I Just love the whole atmosphere of any kind of live game.
  • Tangled. I think I could watch this movie every day and giggle through the whole thing.
  • Gogurt. What a convenient invention!
Alrighty, that's all I can think of for now. Hope ya'll are loving life! :D happy Valentines Day.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have been very blog neglectful... But I've been afraid to write anything because I thought I'd spill the beans about being prego!

This is the ultrasound we got at week 8 so that they could look for twins. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. This blog post is more for me. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO KEEP READING. Since I SUCK at journal writing I want the story of our baby documented somewhere. Alrighty... where to begin... I suppose if you want the true beginning of our story you should look at my posts from August and September of 2010. That's when I vented about PCOS. But for now we'll start with May of 2011, Casey and I (mostly me. Casey's wanted a baby girl since we got married over 4 years ago) finally decided to get serious and went to the dr. and said the words "we want to get pregnant". Yikes. Scary. So the Dr. put me on Chlomid (well the generic brand of chlomid...) because I wasn't ovulating on my own. after only one month on the Chlomid I got pregnant but didn't really know it. What I thought was just a light period was actually a miscarriage. If we hadn't been trying we never would have known. It still hurt. I thought for sure I was broken. After that I took a month off and then got back on the Chlomid.
 4 months later I thought my period was just late because boy howdy did I have some serious cramps! But nope. I was prego. no one told me about that. people said "oh mild cramping is normal" if these cramps were mild I have a skinny face! I didn't sleep for like 2 weeks because the cramping was worse at night! that was weeks 4-6. weeks 6-8 brought the sickness. while I felt miserable I loved this because symptoms made it real. I WANT symptoms because they ease my mind that things are fine. week 8 the doctor wanted an ultrasound since we were on Chlomid and 1 in 10 has twins on Chlomid. Not Twins. But we got to hear the heartbeat and I have never seen a better sight then the smile that lit up Casey's face when we heard that fast little heart beat and saw our peanut.
After this we decided it was okay to tell the world... kind of. We told pretty much everyone we saw... but I was still nervous. To nervous to take the giant leap and tell the facebook world. For new years we went to bear lake with the Pluims and on New Years Eve/day while I was sleeping I had the most horrific pain. I woke up and almost passed out in the bathroom. I couldn't move, could barely breath, and almost woke Casey to take me to the ER when the pain ebbed. This made me nervous all over again and I decided to wait til after the next appointment to tell "everyone".
2 weeks ago we went in and they used the Doppler (rolly microphone connected to a speaker) to find a heartbeat... they couldn't find one. The doctor said because we'd heard it before he wasn't worried, that made one of us, and said we'd come back in 2 weeks. I only stressed a little.... But then I hit a kick where I started throwing up. I'd feel fine and then vomit and feel all better. I think this was the lords way of easing my mind. Yesterday we went back and heard the heart beat again! So beautiful! I'm finally starting to believe that talking about it and being excited will not jinx it! I thought I better post this before that belief fades again.
Anyway... We're due July 27. I want a boy, Moon wants a girl. We made a deal that whoever's right gets final say on the name; but it has to be from the list! So far only 2 people have guessed boy :(   Jerks. But, I'll be happy with either. If it's a girl she's going to be spoiled ROTTEN by her daddy... a diva... awesome. ;) We go in for a gender check on January 23. I'll keep ya'll posted. Sorry for the snore post.