Just Us

Just Us

Thursday, May 19, 2011


This Month has been absolute madness. So I'm doing this blog in two parts: Birthday and Idaho

Part 1: Sick Birthday.

I LOVE my birthday. I frequently tell people that I believe it should be a national holiday. I celebrate "birthday week" in which I am entitled to whatever I want whenever I want it. I buy cupcakes whenever I see them, I LOVE cupcakes (don't buy cupcakes at wal mart.)! But this year Casey was sick all week and then on my birthday, May 6, I was SO SICK! I didn't get out of bed. I couldn't get the energy to watch tv or read, Even though Casey gave me a $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble!!!! (I could not be more excited about this.) I just laid there going in and out of sleep and wanted to rip my throat out with jagged fingernails. Casey came home from work with flowers and CPK that I could eat in bed. I took drugs. and more drugs. And then decided that since it's dark and I just have to sit there I was making Casey take me to see Thor. On our way to the movie we got a text from Casey's Mom; His grandma Moon had past away at about 3:00 that day. She's now with her sweetheart and she was ready to go but it's still hard to say goodbye; there are so few people left that have to do with Casey's dad. Also the selfish part of me was very upset she died on my birthday. Now every year I'll remember that. I'm a jerk I know.

But we really liked Thor and then we came home and went straight to bed.

The next day was the 5K Walk for the Cure. We do this every year with Casey's family. If you have never done it, I recommend it. It's crazy how many people are there! The shirts are so fun to read and some teams are so clever with their names and outfit choices.

So much pink....

Look close. people are packed on this road for about two miles.

This wore us out! we spent the rest of the weekend taking drugs, sleeping, and never leaving the house.


All I wanted for my birthday was to see the play Wicked. The week took forever to go by because I was like a kid waiting for Christmas (only better because I'm kind of a scrooge...). Casey was not excited. But, apparently he loves me because I offered to take someone else and he insisted on coming. WICKED WAS AMAZING!!!! I absolutely loved it! Elphaba gave me chills when she sang. I smiled through basically the whole thing. Casey was very neutral about it. We were on the second to last row so my pictures are awful and once it started I was enraptured and didn't take any pictures.

An awful picture of us all dressed up to go "to the theatre" which we always said with a British accent.

The set was amazing.

My excitement could not be contained.

We went to Idaho on Friday and the play wasn't til 8:00pm on Saturday so we had some time to kill. We visited Casey's Sister and her family and I finally got to see their house! We played soccer with the kids and watched a 6 year olds soccer game.

Our hotel was located in a fantastic spot! We went across the street to the movies and saw Something Borrowed (I read the book so of course I have to see the movie). And there we discovered the Creperie!

Nutella and Dulce de Leche crepes. We ate here twice in the 2 days we were there...

We played mini golf and tied. (sad day. we had a good bet going.)

Boise Idaho may not be the most happening town but we had so much fun! Casey is so hilarious that we basically laughed for 3 days straight. I even managed to stay awake the whole 6 hours there and back! Miracle! This week is absolute madness with job interviews, softball games, funerals, cooking classes, work, friends, but at least we're keeping busy! Bye!

P.S. GO SEE WICKED! and I'm sorry this post is dull.