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Just Us

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Heston

Dear Heston,

You turn One tomorrow. I might be freaking out slightly about this... I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I can't believe how much you OWN our lives. You are the best baby we could have ever asked for. You slept through the night from the beginning, you hardly ever cried, I only got pooped on once and peed on a couple of times. A year ago today we were worried we wouldn't know what to do with you. Worried we wouldn't be good parents (we still worry about this but we love you so much that I'm sure we'll do something right).We were worried about the dogs being jealous of you; now we just worry about the dogs being tortured by you.  A year ago today I was doing the same thing I'm doing now; sitting at work wondering what the future holds for you.
I'm sure you're going to wonder what you were like as a baby (or at least your wife will). So I'll do my best to describe you. You are amazing. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your Mom. Your bear crawl was the cutest thing I've ever seen! and even the doctor was amazed by your strength and speed. You had two teeth by 4 months. You now have 11 teeth. You were walking by 10 months. Your first word was "Mama" which you only said when you were really upset and wanted me (be still my heart!) You are as stubborn as your father and you like to be told what do about as much as your Mother. We have constant battles over the dog dishes and your desire to play in the dog water. You get put on time-out at least a couple times a week for not listening (don't worry it's a bouncer with lots of toys. It's the cushiest time-out ever). When we tell you "no" you turn and look at us until we put our guard down and then you hurry and do it anyway. It's the same with the stairs. If we're not looking and the gates not up, you take off and are half way up in a matter of seconds. You love to be running and you'll run off, do your thing, come back for a hug and then go out again.
You love fruit and hot dogs. You can cuddle and watch sports with Dad for at least 5 minutes. It's the only thing that can get you to sit still for any chunk of time. You love Miss Amy and her family. To you, they're family as well. You love your puppies. You chase them around hugging them... you pat them, pull their hair, their ears, their lips. We let them lick the crap out of you so that you'll stop. You just think it's hilarious. You love our phones and anything shiny. You love your nap time and go instantly to sleep once given your Tigger. You love to be outside exploring new things. You could people watch for hours and really enjoy being in crazy busy environments. You love to be included and when we start laughing with a group, you'll fake laugh to be included. You love to move and rarely stop. You're independent. You don't want Mom or Dad to feed you when you can do it yourself you want to run and see new things and make sure no one picks you up (Mom, Dad, and Amy are really the only ones you let hold you anyway... you take time to warm up to people). No one can make you laugh as hard as Daddy can.
You are smart, strong, beautiful, and sweet. I love your cuddles. When you're sick, the only thing that makes you feel better are cuddles. We've called you Mowgli, Balloo, Hest, Hesto, Hesty (we don't,but the neighbors do), butt-head, turd, brat, beautiful boy, sweet boy, The Boy, That, This, cutie, One of our dogs, and probably many other things.
Thank you for coming to us. We love you SO MUCH! Happy first birthday Baby Boy.


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today's one of those rare days that I feel like lashing out at people. So I'm trying to distract myself with loud cheery pop music, cookies for breakfast, and blogging. It would be sad if I was grumpy with someone who didn't deserve it.... my dry sarcasm can get quite viscous. So, in the spirit of cheering myself up I went through my pictures on my phone. So this post is about what's new in our lives (very little... you've been warned).
I mentioned in my last post that my Beautiful cousin Lindsay was in a car accident 2 days after her high school graduation. She past away later in the week. Lindsay was one of those people that had a smile that could brighten your whole day. She was a whole lot of sugar with just enough spice to keep things interesting. Lindsay and I weren't close but that didn't change the fact that my heart broke for her family and her lost life. Lindsay had made the decision to serve an LDS mission and she was prepared to go "wherever the Lord sends me". She will be a great missionary for God.

So we went out to Oregon for the funeral. I haven't been to Oregon in YEARS but I absolutely LOVE that beautiful state. It's gorgeous. and rainy. Who could ask for more? And to add to it, I have some awesome family there! they're hilarious! and I don't see them nearly enough (you hear that family?! come visit!)
 The view from our ocean-side condo
 Casey, Heston, and some trashy girl standing in front of the ocean. That rock had more birds on it then there are stars. OK I'm being dramatic, but the specks you see? those are birds.
 Lighthouse! I always expect something dramatic to happen at a lighthouse. Like I'm going to see a ghost. Or a murder. Or a proposal.
 Heston LOVED the ocean. Every time we tried to drag him back he ran (crawled) back towards it.

Yeah... adorable. freaking adorable!
In other news, Heston is now way too old. He turns one on August 1. He walks. and has way too much attitude. He's on Time-out at least once a day.  He also chases our dogs around hugging, patting, and pulling their hair. Poor dogs...
He has a new big boy car seat.
It's Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork and we went to the rodeo Tuesday night. Heston is usually asleep by 7:30 (that kid has to get his 12 hours), the rodeo started at 8... he was very very sleepy. but he loved the flag girls (oh boy...) and the horses.
 Sleepily watching the bronc-riding
As you can see, he was sleepy even before we left. But look how adorable he is in Cowboy attire!
Well... I think that's about it....we had a cold that turned us all into zombies. But don't worry, Tylenol cured us. We have a new giant chair (thanks Kim and Bruce!) that is heaven to read in... yeah, we're SUPER lame. but I like it.