Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Longest weekend ever

This last weekend was very event filled. There were 3 main things that happened

1. Casey had appendicitis (spelling?). We had to go and get a CT scan for him and 30 minutes after we got the results he was under the knife. We got out of the hospital monday morning and he's doing fabulous. The did it laproscopically (meaning they took it out of his belly button! SWEET!) and he's just tired and sore.

2. ANNIE ELLA MAGNUSSON was born! Yay new niece! that's number 15 for Casey and I and it's still just as exciting as the first ones! She's gorgeous! she was put through a bit of an ordeal during the delivery and her poor mother had a 17 hour delivery. But she is here and beautiful.

3. Logan's engaged!!! (yes, this is the third time I've edited this post) I think he's a slacker for not having a ring yet... ;) but oh well! We're all way excited to have Natalie in the family! Yay for new sisters! She's perfect for Logan and I feel partly responsable since I kind of hooked them up. Kind of.... haha I'll just be proud of myself! We kind of guessed what with all the forehead kisses and the constant touching... ;) YAY Logan and Natalie!

Anyway, this weekend was very busy... and I'm exhausted. But for the most part it was great! Poor Casey got to hear most of the good news from a hospital bed... Anyway! I hope everyone's doing great! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yay for Best Friends!

I must start this post by telling everyone what a bad person I am. I forgot my best friend, Ali's, Birthday.... Yes I know, How can someone forget there best friends birthday!? Well if you've met me, then you know how. I'm a flake. Ali has to remind me when her birthday is, along with everyone elses birthday, aniversary, holidays, etc. etc... I'm sorry I'm so dependent on you Al! So, I took a trip down to Cedar City last weekend to play with her! We spent a lot of time talking, (us? talk? never!) and interrupting Trav's football time, but it was perfect! Mickey Fillerup even came and played!!! Yay Mickey! Casey couldn't come because he worked Monday (and I didn't) and he had plans already. Again, I was bad with pictures but here's what I got. Love you best friend! Thanks for being fantastic!

Me and the birthday girl looking good in our pj's

These are the three people who made my weekend fantastic! Thanks!

Bahahaha I like this picture! Trav, you still owe me cookies.

I love my best friend.

Crazy Crazy Christmas

This Christmas was crazy and fantastic! The Magnusson side changed plans on us a few times and so we never actually had a set plan. Meaning we tried to hit every main event with both the Moon's and the Magnusson's. I was sick all Christmas weekend with a really bad cold but it was still a blast! We did Zoo lights and Christmas eve with the Moon's and Christmas eve day with the Magnusson's. Christmas day was a jumble. We did breakfast and presents with both families and lunch/dinner with both families as well. (yes we ate A LOT!) As always we were really bad about taking pictures. I finally remembered my camera as the second set of presents was being opened... sorry Moon family! Any way, here are some pics from the Mag family madness.

I think this picture really captures the madness that is Christmas. Take note that this is only half of the room. The other half looks exactly the same only with more kids.

Casey got Birthday cookies with candles! the kids helped him blow them out.
This was Pirate Cheetah and his puppy. Peyton will not let you call him anything but Cheetah and Skills' new name is "Dup".

Isn't he the best Indiana Jones ever?! What a stud. Mom got costumes and the kids just loved them! I didn't get Shelby in her Princess dress and jewels or Little Casey in his fireman hat. What a bad picture taker I am.... Oh well.

Yay for the Giles'

I know this is delayed, but, I'm super excited for Brady and Ashlee. They are just so dang cute together! We're so glad that Brady found Ashlee; she's perfect for him! We love playing with these two and we're so glad that we got to share in there special day. They both looked super hot! but no one looked as good as Hubby Moon did in his "best man" tux! Mmmm he looked good! ;) here's some really bad pictures from the wedding, sorry they're all I have for now.

There first dance... fer cute.
One of those rare moments where we have a pic of both of us. I thought it should be documented.

Right after smashing cake in each others faces! :)