Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

So... every one guess what I'm getting for my birthday. now I'll tell you...................................... A HOUSE! me and Casey close on our new house on May 4. check it out http://www.spanishforkutahhomeforsale.blogspot.com/ This is where me and Casey will call home for the next chapter in our lives. haha that sounded so cheesey. So for those of you who have talked to us lately this has basically consumed all of our free time. And yes we have been accepted on 2 others that we later backed out on, so no, you don't have to believe me when I say we WILL take this one. But, for the record, no bad has come with this one, only good so it's definite. Any way I'm insanely nervous (change is hard for me, commitment is hard for me, buying a house is like a nightmare!) and Casey is Insanely excited! especially after this weekend when we discovered leak number 3 in our apartment (upstairs neighbor has a leak in there water heater. this has caused a lovely musty smell throughout our entire apartment.). Any way we are super excited. now I can have a dog! well, when I have more time to play with one. Oh and yes, that is a tramp that you see, so of course we are going to have some killer sleepovers on the tramp. Casey doesn't understand my excitement for that fact but some other people understand my joy. But whether you like to sleep on the tramp or not that deck will make a killer barbecue; so be ready to eat some meat! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*Love Languages*

So I've been wanting to read the book "the Five Love Languages", by Gary Chapman, for a while now and I finally did. I made it a school project so I kinda killed two birds with one stone. (I will warn you now that this blog is just a total rambling of thought so feel free to stop reading right now. ) the Five Love Languages are;1)Words of Affirmation 2)Quality Time 3)Receiving gifts 4)Acts of Service and 5)Physical touch. This book really got me thinking and I think it really helped me to learn some things. I thought instantly that I was words of affirmation because, well, I love words. I love to speak I love to listen to others speak, and I think the ability for expression is a great gift. Well surprise, I'm totally quality time, it's not what people say it's that they took the time out to talk to me and spend time with me. I'm also a little physical touch. And Casey I thought was gifts, that's how he shows people he cares, it's how he tries to get love, he'll buy you dinner, presents, movie tickets (he paid for a lot of me and Ali's stuff while we were dating...) well after reading further even though that's how Casey shows love it's not how he receives it (whew, what a relief for a penny pincher like me!) Casey is totally physical touch and words of affirmation. A back massage or scratch or a belly rub with a "you look hot" mean more to him than any present I could give. I also learned that I have been spoiled rotten. Casey has been fulfilling all of these love languages, for almost 2 years now! Hopefully now he knows my language he won't have to try so hard (maybe he'll spend less money on me?! That'd be nice... haha, like I said I'm spoiled rotten.)
So anyway, then we get into this little debate with the fam on Sunday; are all men physical touch? yes all men need sex, it's biology. But is that more important than anything else? Most of the family thinks that most or all men are. I disagree. I think a little physical touch is important to everyone, especially kids, but that doesn't mean it's the most important thing for showing love. I think my Dad's is acts of service, but mom disagrees (ew!). Any way it gave me a lot to think about and I recommend this book to couples. I think if you want to express love you have to be willing to do things that aren't for you; if not a void will form and love can diminish. I just wish I could figure out my mother in laws love language, I want her to know we love and appreciate her but I don't know how. I'll keep my eyes open. But yes if I randomly tell you "oh your love language is.... " now you know why. I'm only slightly crazy. I'm just trying to solve the "are all men physical touch?" mystery, I'll be psychoanalyzing everyone til I know.

Friday, April 3, 2009


So every year at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork they have a Color Festival. So this year me and Michelle decided we were going to go check it out. It was crazy!!! there were so many people there! it was nuts! we got there a little late and I was rushed to get to a bridal shower so I really didn't get to explore the temple and the festivities like I wanted but it was still really cool. it was like a giant concert, people were crowd surfing and and it was crazy loud. All the while everyone was covered in colored corn starch. Yes, I said corn starch, we always thought it was chalk but nope! What they do is the burn the epitaph which is a symbol of a witch who brought evil or something but was stopped by her brother. (yes I know I shouldn't even try to explain if I don't really know, so check it out for yourself. if you google "color Festival" it comes up but add spanish fork if you want to narrow it down to this one.)

So here are some pics of me and Casey at the festival. Michelle didn't want to be posted on my blog and Jenny Frances has some more pics but these will give you an idea. Sorry the bottom one is so creepy but I was trying really hard not to blink because I do that a lot in pictures.

Oh and P.S. Casey's a hater and hated all of the "cut class not frogs" and "save the animals" type stuff. But I think he just didn't get to know the culture enough.