Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Woot Fall!

I absolutely LOVE the fall! It comes from years of playing in the rain and jumping in leaves! The leaves are gorgeous and the weather is fabulous. We have proven that it is a wonderful time to take pictures; last year we did Magnusson family photos and this year we did Moon family photos (which I will post when I get copies). Alright there are a few things that are rough about fall, so here are my lists:

Down-FALLS (haha get it?)
  • you can feel winter coming. winter is cold.
  • It's hunting season. so Hubby Moon is missing on weekends. (I spent 3 1/2 days without him! that's a record since being married. yes I realize I am pathetic.)
  • kinda related to the last one, I hate telling Casey to kill a deer fast, I feel morbid, but I want him to get one so that he stops leaving me! So instead I tell him to catch a deer. It makes me feel better to imagine him catching a deer with his bare hands.

Positives (sorry couldn't think of a whitty pun...)

  • The colors of provo canyon
  • playing in leaves. Which we need to do again Al, think your neighbors would mind?
  • rain.
  • playing in rain
  • the smell of rain
  • the mud that rain makes. I love mud.
  • Halloween (any axcuse to buy candy)
  • Knowing that Thanksgiving is getting close (any excuse to eat food! :))
  • Getting to go to lots of Movies since the weather won't permit out door wanderings. (Casey doesn't like movies, I know, what a weirdo, but this time of year I can get him to take me! Or while he's hunting I go with friends. Woot movies and movie theatre popcorn!!!!)
  • The perfect temperature to curl up with a blanket in my sweats.

So I know this is a strange/lame post but I had to dedicate something to my favorite season and it kind of lets everyone know what we're up to; Casey, hunting, Me, same old same old. :) I hope everyone's enjoying fall!