Just Us

Just Us

Monday, August 31, 2009


Last Wednesday (yes, we missed our first day of classes for this) we got to go to the Nickelback concert!!!! It was freakin' awesome! Saving Abel, Papa Roach, Hinder, and, of course, Nickelback were the bands that were there and all of them were absolutely fabulous! They all sounded exactly as they do on CD and we would know since we were right by the stage! My 2 favorites would have to have been Nickelback of course and probably second was Papa Roach. I was surprised how much I liked Papa Roach because they were the one band that we didn't have their CD and the lead singer had the flu; and still he rocked!!! the concert was at USANA amphitheatre and we were in the pit. We went with Justin and Amanda Richins, Tisha and Shaun, Randy, and His friend Quail. Justin caught a guitar pick thrown by Chad (the lead singer of Nickelback)! and Casey caught a cup that they threw out, he lost it later, but it was just a plastic cup... haha Being in the pit we saw a couple of fights and had a lot of beer thrown on us by Nickelback. It was a fabulous night and I definitely recommend all of these bands! I wish I had pictures! but if you want to see pictures of any of these people let me know, I'll text you the pictures from my phone! Oh and so if you see us walking around in trashy band T-shirts or with our belt buckle (the same one thats on the album cover) No making fun, just be jealous ;). did I mention it was AWESOME!?!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy moments

A few days ago I'm sitting in my cubicle working away and a guy comes in and asks for me. My boss points him in my direction and so I turn and see this big vase of roses coming at me. Hubby Moon Face sent me flowers!!! with a note simply saying "I love you" Me and my co-workers spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out a reason why I got flowers when all of a sudden I realized "it's Casey, I'm sure there for no reason in particular" And I was right. I smiled every time I looked at them. :) It's funny how getting flowers for no reason at all never gets old. Of course I have already killed the majority of the flowers but they were BEAUTIFUL for at least 3 days. That meant 3 days of smiles for me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping: Take 2

Last weekend we went down to Green River UT, (and boy is that a happening town!) for Brandon Pluim's birthday. It was so much fun! Apparently when other people plan it we're are actually good campers. There was this fabulous little beach and I will never forget the view at night with the moon light. Gorgeous. The sand was so amazing! we're planning to go back and steal sand to fill our sand box. The trip started kind of rough, Brandon and I took off our life jackets to swim and next thing you know power trip officer Randy Ford is lecturing us for the next 45 minutes and we have life jacket tickets. But, now we know, every one Randy ever talks about is dead because they did something stupid or they're just plain stupid. haha he was a funny man. Any way we both got life jacket tickets (sad day). But the rest of the trip rocked! the weather was awesome, the company was great, and Tisha is apparently my lucky charm! We're going to Vegas! We played poker and since Tish was rusty she was on my team! We did awesome! we got amazing hands and basically just kicked butt. Any way, it was a good trip and now my faith in camping has been restored! enjoy the pics.

This is the group that went (from left; tisha, emily, brandon, Casey, Katy, Me, Emily, Kyle, and Derek) right before taking the raft out!

Tisha rode with us down and slept in our tent with us! She's so much fun!

This was the beginning of the poker tournament. Me and Tish cleaned house!

The girls! Sorry Katy and Emily I know you hate this pic but I like your cute pregnant bellies! :)

Brandon and Katy Pluim. This is the couple that deserves the big hug! Thanks for planning everything perfectly! you guys are awesome!

Emily trying to kiss a frog! love it! she chased this little guy for like 10 minutes! he chased her a little too.

Casey some how was designated chef! He did so good! everything was delicious! pancakes on the dutch oven lid worked awesome!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Worst Campers Ever!

This last weekend we went to Lake Powell. Woot Lake Powell! Well... turns out we must be a bunch of city folk. An array of things went bad; from not having the boat key and having to get the ignition changed out, Brady getting tripped by a leash and falling out of the front of the boat onto asphault, to coyotes eating the dog food at 4 a.m., and our food melting or turning to goo in the wet coolers, and many many more adventures. Oh and it was hot! But the water was so so so fantastic! I could live in Lake Powell water. Honestly even though everything went wrong and we came home early, I loved it! It was absolutely beautiful there. (the top picture is a picture of our camping spot. We found a decent place to pitch our tents!) We went with Brady and his Fiance Ashlee, and their puppy Cal-lee (Cal-lee is Skills best friend and she is now missing her greatly). Skills absolutely LOVED the water and the sand. Cal-lee wasn't a fan so Skills made sure she kept her nice and matted down with wet sand. Any who, here's a bunch of pictures and next time we go to Lake Powell, I might just have to rent a house boat. :) Oh but at least I'm not so pastey anymore.

Our Camping Spot View. At sunset.

This had me cracking up hystarically! Casey was sleeping and Skills went in and this is how she chose to lay. I wish the tent was tall enough to get a full body shot 'cause Casey's hands look just like Skills. Crossed on his chest. She wants to be just like Daddy. Hahaha!

I'm such a fat kid with my s'mores! They were SO messy!

Casey with one of the cool red rock cliffs behind him.

Ooohhh sweet... the cute engaged couple spent much of their time staring deep into each others eyes. haha! we had fun making fun of them :)

I had so many good pics of these two that it was hard to pic one. But I think this one pretty much captures the "red-neck Yacht Club" theme that we were going for. :)

Here's the two best friends :) I tried to get both of there faces but man they wrestle too much. But at least you get the gist of how insanely dirty they were the whole time. They spent a lot of time digging holes and then fighting over who got to lay in it.