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Just Us

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heston Jesse Moon

Alright, last post for today! I promise! This post will be mostly pictures. We got Hestons Newborn pictures when he was only 6 days old. I can't believe how much he's already changed! He's lost some of the gigantic cheeks and even his rolls seem smaller to me (sad day). My friend Katy Pluim took the pics and she did amazing! Especially since he slept the whole time, was circumcised that day, and had crazy diarrhea so we couldn't take off his diaper. But we wanted to do them before Casey had to go back to work the next day. So here are some of my favorites! Which trust me it was hard to pick!

LOVE!!!! so much LOVE!!!

August First

I'm not sure how to do this post... so I'll hit the highlights and post as many pics as possible.

6 AM leaving our house to be induced.
8:10 AM I'm hooked up to pitocin (spelling? sorry!) and dilated to a 4.
10 AM I get the epidural, I go numb up to my face and can't move anything below the waist.
blood pressure drops, vomiting, I'm very very sleepy.
10:20 AM they have stopped the epidural and I'm coming out of my drug stupor. they check me and I'm dilated to an 8.
10:30 (ish) I'm dilated to a 10 and they call in Dr. Nance.
 (not sure of the time) He says they're going to "let me rest" so that hopefully I come un-numb a bit from the epidural... apparently you should be able to move your legs and feel pressure while pushing.
11:49 after pushing (which I couldn't feel but the Dr said I was doing it right) through 4 or 5 contractions for about 20 minutes a baby popped out!
10 lbs 3 oz 21 inches long.
The baby had aspirated fluid into his lungs. They laid him on my chest for about 5 seconds and then whisked him away to the NICU to be hooked up to a CPAP machine. Casey went with him.
They say there are 4 "degrees of tearing" I only tore to a 2. I was stitched up and then I was left alone until finally someone let my Mom in.
Then we waited.
And waited....
Until finally at around 5 or 6 they said I could get in a wheelchair and go see him.
We couldn't hold him as he was hooked up to the CPAP  machine (in this pic he's not... we didn't get any of him hooked up to the machine... sorry. But you get the idea)
The next 2 days were an absolute mess. I didn't want to name him until I could actually see him and not just the tubes of the CPAP machine. All we knew was that he wasn't a Xander. Casey actually told me that even before I really got to meet him! Alright, This is going way too long so I'm just going to say that it was a nightmare to get him out of the NICU and here are some pictures of the rare moments we got to hold him.

Thursday. One Day Old. That night we finally picked a name.
Heston Jesse Moon
The names on our list were Xander, Magnus, Easton, Heston, and Lawson. The only reason I agreed to put Heston on the list was because I wanted Easton on there. It was our compromise. People keep asking if we got the name from Charlton Heston. Nope. Casey worked with a kid named Heston a few years back and has liked the name ever since. We looked at him for a good long time and of all the names that one just fit our little Moon. 

I love this pic... Casey was instantly wrapped around his finger (and way more naturally a parent than I was but that's another story.)
Finally Friday night they let him check out of the NICU and we got to take him home!

He's amazing. he's already sleeping through the night... he slept 4 hours at night when we first brought him home and it's just progressively gotten longer (once his pediatrician told me it was ok to let him sleep through the night.) he's spoiling us with how good he is. And he's  really cute so that helps too. If you haven't met him yet I hope you get to soon because dang he's cute! :D 

5 year anniversary

Alright, I am WAY behind on my posting so here I go trying to catch up. we'll see how far I get... I decided since there is so much to post I'll go chronologically. August first I was going in to be induced. August second is our anniversary. So I had told Casey that the baby would be our anniversary present and we wouldn't get each other things. I know what you're thinking, "yeah right, even I know Casey well enough to know he didn't listen to you." Yes, I know you're right but I tried to keep an eye on him! usually I can tell if he's up to something! So the day before I was being induced we were getting ready to take the dogs up to my parents house and Casey insists that the lawn be mowed and the laundry be folded before we go. He's almost done with the lawn so I go start folding laundry and luckily pick the right basket. a few items of clothing down is a Barnes and Noble bag. He got me a new Nook!!!!!! with Glow light!!! I'm so happy!!! it's the best! I should be a Nook salesman. it totally rocks my world. I can read in bed without the lamp (I think this was Casey's selfish reason for wanting me to have it) and I can read in Heston's room while he's fighting sleep without turning on a light.
As you may have already guessed I didn't get Casey anything for our 5 year anniversary. yeah... I know.. I totally suck! But, I do realize I'm the luckiest girl in the world and Casey is totally the bees knees. He's made this the best 5 years of my life and he couldn't be more amazing. Happy 5 year Moon!