Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Blue

This is Big Blue (I didn't name her). She's a 1990 Ford F250 and we love her. If you knew Casey in high school you will automatically associate this big loud beast with him. And boy-howdy is it loud. The horn is so quiet that to get someones attention we rev the engine. This truck is not for the weak; every time I take it to the mechanic I offer to pull it in for them and they look at me like "psh I'm a mechanic, I don't need your help." then they come back and say "is there a trick to starting it?" to which I reply "push on the clutch HARD. Like, stand on it." Reverse is also tricky. You have to play with it for a while. I had my friend Maegan parellel park it for me once and when she finished she said she wouldn't have to work out for a week. Yep. Thats Big Blue. She makes me feel like a red-neck queen.
Here's where I get mushy. This truck was Casey's dad's. I know it sounds cheesey and weird but I feel like when I drive it, I actually knew Jesse Moon. Casey's dad died when he was ten and I LOVE to hear stories about him. The fact that Big Blue is now mine (I have the shorter drive so I drove her and Casey took Brooke, the Mazda.) makes me feel like Casey's dad is smiling on me proudly because I can now park her without any problems, which makes me feel ridiculously awesome. Casey wants his kids to drive this truck when they turn 16.

This trucks been through a lot. It has 360,000 miles on it and a couple years ago it was hit by a crane. Yes, I did say a crane. Casey had it parked on a job site and the crane operator backed into it. The drivers side is now ridiculously dented and we (as in Casey, Brady, and Randy) replaced the front quarter panel and door with junk yard parts. The brakes went out a while back... it was one of the scariest things that's ever happened to me. I thought I was going to kill someone. They still don't work great but being able to stop without shifting into first is now possible.
Big Blue has been having trouble starting lately, this had Casey really worried. He didn't want to kill Big Blue. He wanted her around forever. He also was very worried that I would get stranded somewhere. When it's cold sometimes she won't start and now that it's always hard to start Casey was worried. Then last saturday I noticed something leaking in the back. I went and touched it and smelled diesel. I sadly reported the news to Casey. He's been wanting a new car and he convinced me that Big Blue should not be a commuter car if we want her to last forever. The fixing of the gas tank is not going to be a one day project but we'll get it done. Big Blue is still alive and well and we still love her and plan on giving her to our offspring some day. But for now....

we got a new car! This is the Jeep Liberty. it's a 2009 and so far we LOVE it! I HATE that we now have two car payments and I wanted a little cheap thing but, as always, I caved to Casey's cute face. We haven't named her yet but I'm sure we will soon.
We now have 4, yes, 4 cars at our house; the broken down Pathfinder (been broken down for almost 2 years... we just haven't called a junkyard), the Mazda, The Jeep, and of course, the Ford. Hopefully soon we'll only have three and one day we'll fix the truck so that she no longer leaks oil OR diesel and she can stop staining the road and driveway.
Anyway, the point is, Thank you Mom and Dad Moon for the truck. We love her and will do everything we can to keep her running.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the latest

It's been a while, so I thought I'd do an update.

Our car has been returned to us... it's not completely finished but it still looks pretty! no dents.

We went to Vegas! It was a lot of fun! We went down to watch the Mountain West Conference finals and cheer loud for BYU.
left to right: Brandon Davies, Chris Collinsworth, Jimmer Fredette, Jackson Emery, Logan (alwyas talking...) and Noah Hartsock. We love watching these boys play.
We stayed on Fremont street (which I love) and we got to see my brother Lance which was awesome! As always I forgot my camera.... Luke, my Uncle Steve, Casey and I went on the roller coaster at New York New York and Casey won $60 playing Black Jack. On another high note, we found "Gold and Silver Pawn", I think that's what it's called... Anyway, Casey LOVES the show "Pawn Stars" and we just happened to drive past it so we just had to stop! There was so much cool stuff! some things that stood out were a pair of dueling pistols, a sweet 3D bronze thing of Elvis, and a bronco's Superbowl ring that cost $99,900. We also got to stop and see Ali and Travis Jarrett in Cedar City which is always amazing! and Ali cooked us food that was so good that Casey and I were both ridiculously full until about 10 pm.

Other than that, same ol', same ol'.... I'm still in a rut which has made me moody (poor Casey...) and Casey is still amazing. He's taking a history class and thinking of minoring in History, I told him he's crazy but he didn't listen.

We spent another $300 at the vet on getting Moose's ears cleaned and getting him medication. I hope the poor boy can stay ear infection free for a while.


The End