Just Us

Just Us

Monday, July 19, 2010


Alright, it's confession time. Everyone keeps asking what my favorite part of the cruise was... I come up totally blank. The cruise was sweet and I loved it. BUT my favorite part of that vacation was the fact that we got to go to Port Orchard, Washington and see my brother Lance's cute family. I did not get near enough pictures. I absolutely LOVE that family! (gee Leslie, really? way to state the obvious.) We don't get to see them much and man my nephews are hilarious! seriously, hilarious! And beyond that they are sweet and cuddly. They would climb into bed with us every morning and snuggle. ALSO, Abigail Lori Magnusson was born a few weeks before we went. Abby was born Down Syndrome and she is the sweetest thing ever! She is amazing! I wish I could think of a better way to rave about her but I think you'd have to meet her to know how sweet she is... Anywho, here are some pictures of this oh so amazing family.

ABBY!!! I held her more than my fair share... I couldn't help it! She's so cute!

Carter, This kid's intense! he can climb any tree and beat us all in basketball! and he's also very sweet and always includes everybody.

Casey! I think this picture captures it all about him. Dang I like him.

Peyton, this is one tough boy. He's also ridiculously sweet and cuddly. and quarky.

Abby and Grandma, I love this picture.

The Casey's jumping. I was trying to get one that showed how big their smiles were. But dang them they wouldn't stop moving.

I think we scared Natalie. bahaha Not really, they LOVE her, but this picture makes me chuckle.

Me Casey and Abby, Like I said, I hogged her.

Road trip supplies. When we left we drove through the night. ugh. 14 hours.

One more of Abby. Just cause I can.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Alaska Cruise!

Ok... I don't even know how to write this post.... This trip was just so fun and there's so much that I want to say and millions of pictures I want to show! I have more on facebook so for now here's just some little pictures that capture my favorite parts about the trip (besides seeing Lance and Lexi. I'll do a whole other entry for that soon). Really my favorite part was that I got to spend a whole week relaxing and hanging out with great people. We met Yani and Jaime on the cruise ship and they were such a nice couple that gave me a desire to travel to obscure places. Agus was one of the staff in the dining room, and although he worked like 20 hour days, he was always super excited to see us and helped make mom's birthday special. Also, I loved how beautiful Alaska was! it was so green! Anyway, I'll try to tell stories with my pictures so ya'll don't have to read my blabber.
Us with the beautiful MS Rotterdam.

My favorite thing about the trip. Chillin with Hubby Moon. A lady came up wanting to take pictures of us because she missed her family (she was on a business trip. rough life.)

We LOVE jungle speed! we played it lots on the ship... harsh words were said, cheating occurred, testicles were smashed, jokes were made, and it was fabulous! also they had around the clock ice cream! mmmm... (and Nat, that was an accidental "mmm" not one meant to laugh at you! but now that you mention it....)

First stop, Juneau. that's the tram we rode to the top of a mountain. I think this captures the beauty of the trip quite well. This is where we walked 3 miles to pay like $2.80 for a fountain soda. It was ridiculous!!! but SO SO worth it... canned soda was $2.50 on the ship.

We played lots of shuffleboard. It allowed us to be outside watching the beauty go by while also engaging our competitive spirits. I was the weak link. when me and Nat were on a team, the boys beat us. When we did Moon's vs. Mag's the Mag's beat us. We did beat Mom and Dad once but that's because they're much less ruthless then Log and Nat.

The glacier. it's HUGE! we saw seals. It was beautiful.

enjoying the glacier.

Sitka was my favorite place. It rained the whole time we were there but it was less touristy than the rest of them and there were little islands, with only one house on them, everywhere! I want one.

Ketchikan! it was beautiful! this is where I got my Pirate Saloon sweatshirt which I LOVE!

In Ketchikan we got to see the lumber jack show which was absolutely amazing!!! they were hilarious, buff, talented, and very entertaining.

Victoria BC had the most amazing buildings! It was very city like but amazingly beautiful. We saw street vendors everywhere and they all brought their dogs with them so I had fun saying hi to the puppies and missing my cute pup.

This was like where Parliament gathered or something??? sorry bad memory... but it was beautiful.

Darth Vader plays the violin on the streets of Victoria. What a crazy man.

This is us! Thanks Ya'll. Especially Mom and Dad for paying for the cruise and most everything we did while their! I love you all for giving me these great memories.