Just Us

Just Us

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We went to Moab  2 weekends ago and it was a trip of many ups and downs! We went to hike and had an amazing time doing that. We also found out my beautiful 18 year old cousin had been in a car accident. We're going to Oregon for the funeral this Saturday. Sunday we also got food poisoning. Luckily Heston didn't. get sick.
Anyway, Moab is beautiful and we woke up early enough (Casey's doing. Obviously not mine) that it wasn't too hot. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

isn't his face ferocious as he chews on the pack?

Casey climbed up that with a baby on his back. He's kind of awesome.

seriously. How cute is that kid?!

He hated the cold water but loved swimming.

Ok, so I couldn't resist posting this picture.  We were on a drive exploring some dirt roads and Casey reaches over and touches my knee. I waited for an explanation but it never came, after about 15 minutes I quickly snapped a picture and asked "whatcha doin?" he looked down and said "I don't know... I just wanted to touch you..." I cracked up hysterically! He couldn't figure out why he hadn't put his whole hand on my leg. Either way, it was adorable! Now I will forever put one finger on him when I'm feeling lovey.
Anyway, this was short and dull but I wanted to post some pictures (not sure why they're all tinted blue....) Bye!