Just Us

Just Us

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about Reverting. I revert a lot. It's really kind of sad. The embarrassing truth of the matter is that when I see people from my past I revert to the person I was then. Not that there's a huge difference in me now and then but let me give you a slight example.

The other day I ran into a friend of my brothers. When I run into ANY of his friends I turn into 12 year old Leslie. Even though I didn't even know him when I was 12, that's what happened. I said "Hi how're you?" he said, "good how're you doing?" I said "good, thanks!" and then basically ran away. I get SHY. (Leslie gets shy??? what? that makes no sense!) With some of his other friends I just blush and quit speaking.  I'm 25 years old! I'm married with a baby! who is this shy Leslie?

Casey also likes to make fun of me because when I get with friends I totally revert back to who I was. With my PG friends I get giggly and over share EVEN MORE than normal. Their husbands think I'm INSANE (which may be possible) because they know WAY to much about me (peeing your pants when you vomit is totally normal during pregnancy! Don't judge me Shaun and Brandon!!! Casey I'm sorry for embarrassing you with that over share)With my friends from high school I get  LOUD. Like ridiculously loud. He's said on more than one occasion that I get annoying. Rude! but true.

Does anyone else do this??? What are your tips for stopping? I need to figure out a way to find my Zen so I'm not so awkward/annoying. I'm OK with most of them. I enjoy being loud with my high school friends! I enjoy the giggles. However, I don't enjoy the shyness and immaturity... It's sad to accept that I'll be obnoxious forever... and blushing is the worst! like my cheeks aren't red enough naturally, lets add a blush! Any way.... any tips would be lovely. thanks!

Friday, August 2, 2013

6 Years

I have officially been married to My Better Half for 6 years!!!! SIX! it's crazy to think about... and since one of my favorite things to do is talk about how awesome Casey is, I take this day every year to get it all out. It really is one of my favorite things... I try to contain myself. I feel bad for everyone who doesn't get to be married to him. Which is everyone. I'm sorry you can't be married to Casey, but, he's mine.

When I married Casey, I loved him. I loved him more than any one else and I knew I always wanted him in my life. I thought He was pretty great. I was wrong. There's nothing "pretty great" about him. He's THE GREATEST. Every year I learn something more about him that just makes him more amazing and makes me fall more in love. Casey was shy and guarded when we got married. He's still shy and guarded compared to me but every year I feel like a little more of Casey comes out.
This year Casey has started singing with his head phones in. Even when he's out doing yard work, I can hear him singing while he mows the lawn or sprays the weeds. He loves to listen to music and sing while he's in the shower these days too! I love listening to Casey sing.
He's started making Jam. He loves homemade jam and so he decided that if he wanted it, he'd make it. Yeah, that's right ladies, my husband makes jam. and he'll probably kill me for announcing that.... (Luke, no taking away his man card!!! He can still shoot his gun with the best of them and fix anything)
The best thing I've learned about Casey this year though; He is the greatest Dad.

Being a Dad came so naturally to him. I was actually kind of jealous of how natural it came to him! He MADE all of Heston's baby food. No one can make Heston laugh as hard as Casey can. He never complains about the snot or the drool or the poop. He would do anything for that little boy.

Thanks for being you Casey Moon. Thanks for marrying me. I love you!