Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best Hubby Ever!

So here goes another mushy post. Don't worry, I won't have another one of these for a while! But this one is also very necessary. August 2 will be our second anniversary. Just like last year; we will be camping for the wonderful day! (I don't know how we manage to do that.) Anyway, here we are 2 years later and I still can't believe I snagged up Casey. He really is the best hubby ever. For those of you who have hung out with us, you already know this. I frequently feel bad for people who didn't get to marry him (haha jk! kind of... ) 2 weeks ago some friends of ours were talking about getting married and they decided to make a list of reasons why they want to be married; so me and Casey played too. It was the easiest list I have ever had to make. Here are just a few things that are fabulous about Hubby Moon Face; I married my best friend, he makes me happy when I'm sad, I can never spend enough time with him, and he knows everything about me and I can always be myself and oddly enough at the end of the day he still loves me. If you're reading this you probably know me, I'm kind of strange, luckily Casey says it's cute (cute is code for crazy but it's sweet of him to say so any way.) Well anyway, 2 years down, forever to go! I can't wait! :) And I'm sorry I took Hubby Moon Face off the market. Love you Moon Face.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

mushy moments

Ok, this blog is going to be kind of silly but it's what I'm thinking today and I think it needs to be blogged. Tuesday night I had dinner with 2 very amazing people. Katy Plume (did I spell that right?) and Tisha Warburton. They have done a lot for me in my life and I have so much respect and love for these girls. I got to thinking about how I really feel that my friends had a deep impact on me as a person. Things weren't always perfect for any of us but we were there for each other. We had times of distance but I always knew they'd be there if I asked them too. I am a confident (maybe overly confident) person, a strong person, and I have faith in the world, I think these things came, at least partially, from my friends. They brought me up when I was down, they held me when I cried, and I truely believe they will be there forever. We'll continue to laugh together untill we're well beyond wrinkled. So Katy, Tisha, Maegan, Ali, and Dani thank you for always being there when I need you and I hope you know I love you forever.