Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

ah family

Here's the fam! even though we didn't know we would be getting pictures this day and ultimately I'm not a fan of myself I absolutely LOVE the pictures. Since I stole these from Missy I don't have one of them that I really liked of just the original 6 Magnussons (I like it 'cause I actually look ok!) And I want to put a picture of each of my nieces and nephews too because they are all SO cute. definitely all going to be heart breakers. But yeah... I like the top one a lot because it looks all professional and perfect but I like the bottom one because you'd never know who's kids belonged to who! We're just one big happy chaotic family, which I think ultimately describes us. My family is the best! I love them so much. :) Now I just need pictures of the Moon side!

light bulb

I changed my mind. I now like the snow. yes it's cold and messy and dangerous but it's all worth it to see Casey's face light up like a fat kid with cake when he jumps on a snow mobile. Missy's got it right; snow mobiling makes it worth it. And seeing little kids play in the snow is pretty cute too. I'm definitely over due to make a snow man. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008


ah snow.... it's here again. I can't decide if I like it because it's pretty and fun for snow mobiling and sledding and letting hubby moon hit the e-brake on back roads; or hate it because it's so cold and makes drivers stupid. Including me! I hit the arm gate thing that lets me into my parking lot at work. yup I killed it. it hasn't worked since. Oops! haha luckily the car barely has a scratch and there was already a scratch there anyway (Brooke's a tough car!). And car accidents happen in the snow. I get nervous any time any one I know has to drive in it! especially up Provo Canyon. oh well it will be fun if I can catch my brothers outside and get them with snowballs! but hopefully everyone drives safe and there will be no more breaking stuff for me! :)

This is my picture that I found trying to prove to myself how beautiful snow is... it did do a pretty good job convincing me... oh well... the debate continues.

Friday, December 12, 2008


So yes I do realize how lame I am and that I don't blog. Because I know that the only person who looks at it is me and Ali! the only reason I have a blog is to comment on other peoples blogs. it also kills some time at work.... what? I mean I'm totally working hard all 8 hours I'm here! gosh. And Ali you say you don't blog because nothing exciting happens in your life? well all my stories should definitely not be blogged. either they are so boring and mundane or would embarrass somebody (most likely me) or would be inappropriate to share with the world.... Oh and I have no pictures! since we don't have a computer I use what I find on the Internet or something that's on our myspace page. But one month I'm going to post a blog every day! about what I'm thinking about that day or something I'm excited for. like a journal. and people will get so into my pointless thinking that I'll become famous!!! Or, Ali will be the only one who reads it and she will still love me because she already knows I'm crazy. I think today I'll tell one of my random stories. Yesterday, I said hi to some one who I went to high school with. (we never spoke in high school but he knew my husband pretty well. ) Well he went on to tell me details about his life... wow did he tell me details. My abnormal psych teacher would call it "round face syndrom" meaning strangers naturally open up to you. I hope this means I'll be a good therapist one day but wow this kid would have been easy to open up! in the 5 minutes we talked I knew about his being fired, his anti-depressents, his reason for divorce, anger with parents, suicide attempt, and he is now bi sexual. his openness left me speechless! part of me wants to applaud him for his willingness to be open and part of me wants to slowly sneak away wondering why he was telling me all that. But, when it all boils down to it, his abnormal behavior just made me want to talk to him again. I want to know what's going on in his life in his mind and more than anything I want him to feel accepted. Any way! there's my rant! thanks for reading it Al! ;)