Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My over-inflated self esteem

This post has been a long time coming. I just wish I could eloquently say what I want to but it'll probably end up as a crazy mess of nonsense (but I guess that fits my blog title).
It was almost 2 years ago that I went to the doctors office and was told that I was so overweight that I would probably not get pregnant. She was full of nonsense. But it got me evaluating my opinion of myself and others opinions of themselves. I have shockingly high self esteem. I think I am beautiful. Not like I belong in a magazine or anything, I'm not the prettiest person in a group (I hang out with some seriously beautiful people. It's kind of ridiculous.), I'm pretty average. I have great hair, great boobs (even if they are too big), decent legs, and my face doesn't make dogs bark. But, here's the traumatic truth, please don't spread this around, I weigh 235 lbs. And yes, I think I'm a bit overweight, I'd like to lose some weight for my health and so that I have less back fat, but all in all, I still don't think I'm a hunk of lard!
A few posts back I posted about one of the debates me and Moon have: Cheerleaders Vs. Dancers (he's winning this one by the way.) The thing that I found strange was that I was a little worried about getting opinions because I know a lot of cheerleaders and a lot of dancers. Well, every cheerleader I asked said dancers and every dancer I asked said cheerleaders. And every single one of these girls is a major hotty! People who are short want to be tall, people who are tall think they are amazons (I'm sometimes guilty of this but most of the time I LOVE being tall!!) girls with curly hair want it straight and girls with straight want it curly.
Okay Leslie, Where are you going with this? Here's the question I would like to ask to all of my beautiful friends who are worried about their weight and their appearance; Who's judging you? Because if it's your significant other you tell me and I'll come kick them in the face. If it's any one else, WHO CARES!? I want you to feel good about yourself. don't slack like me and wear sweats every chance you get and eat fries for one meal a day, but be comfortable with yourself. Keep exercising because it makes you feel good I don't know any girls who are actually "overweight" who have trouble getting men. I do however know a lot of skinny girls who think they're overweight who attract jerks because they don't think they deserve better.

I love this song because ITS TRUE. Not with all women. I know a lot of strong and amazing woman. But I also know some who this song applies to.
Alright. I know this was a strange rant but this is something that breaks my heart and I'm actually pretty passionate about it. Your harshest judge is you! Cut yourself a little slack. And let me know if you feel the need to get away and get a moral boost. Even if you don't know me very well; I promise I'd still love it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

This weeks loves

I am totally trendy. Okay that's not true. BUT what is true is that I go through fazes of love. One week I love something and then 2 weeks later I've forgotten about it (sad but true. Don't worry this doesn't happen with people. Once I love you you're stuck with me FOR LIFE.) So my exciting loves for the week

1. Journey's greatest hits! Yay!!! Casey finally bought it for me!!! I love you Journey.

2. Riding the mechanical Bull. Even if it did leave me bruised and battered. Totally worth it!

3. Girls nights. Now this could make my list every time I have a girls night... I LOVE girls nights. If you didn't know this about me, I love to chat, and girls nights are an excellent time for that. 

4. Our New 4 wheeler. Yes I complain that Casey spent to much but of course, it was love at first ride.

5. Whoppers. These are a greatly under-appreciated candy that I just re-discovered.

Some day I'm going to write something meaningful and amazing. Until then you get nonsense about my latest loves. If you'd like to share in these joys with me, please, give me a call. I love to share! (except Casey. He's all mine.)