Just Us

Just Us

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So quite frequently Casey shakes his head at me for my childish behaviors. Mostly he supports them and just kisses me for being crazy. So here are the confessions for the day even though most people already know these things about me. I've always liked this picture from our wdding. I thought it was appropriate. :)

  • I still sleep with a stuffed animal. His name is Hershey and he sleeps with me and Casey.

  • I still have a "wubby" and I love it (my green football helmet blanket). Since I now have Casey I don't need it all the time anymore.... only when there's no Casey or I'm sick.

  • When I have a bad day or I'm sick I watch Disney movies. And yes I have most of them memorized. And yes I sing out loud with every song.

  • I still run and jump on my bed when it's dark. It's a habit from youth when I thought a giant rat was under my bed.

  • I love to jump in puddles and play in the rain. Now many people will say this is not childish, just a good time, but some disagree.

  • I wish I had a princess back pack. And I wish that grown ups could wear tee-shirts with characters on them. I think some ones favorite character shows a lot about there personality. I would wear superman one day, pocohantas the next and pinky and the brain would be tossed some where in there as well.

  • This one I wouldn't say is "childish" more like pre-teen. I read books that are totally easy reads. I don't like books that make me think too much. Right now I'm reading "vampire Diaries".

Well that's enough for today. I'd like to do a spot light weekly of my heroes. I have so many, but I'd like to get pictures first. Hopefully that'll start soon!