Just Us

Just Us

Monday, June 15, 2009


Ok. So my favorite part is Skills!!! I love her! Now that we have a house we can have a puppy!!! Good guess on the nursery Burlene because she is definitely as spoiled as a baby. (and we actually do have a crib, but no I'm not prego it was just good planning on Casey's part.) Skills is almost 11 weeks old and she is a Black Lab/Viszla mix. So she is all black but her black hair has this red tint to it in the sun. And no, we did not die her hair red. She is so super cute and Casey would like to train her to be a bird dog but I think I ruined her. I'm not so good at discipline unless she's biting someone or peeing on something. Other than that I let her run-a-muck. But she is seriously my baby. I made Logan come sleep with her when we went to Vegas and I try to take her everywhere we go. She also sleeps with us right now so that she'll lick our faces when she has to pee, She's quite the bed hog. Her favorite sleeping postion is laying on her back (she thinks she's a person), she stalks her toys and then pounces (she's part lion), when your holding a toy she wants she'll roll her body (she's part crocodile), she loves to climb on your sholder (she's part parrot), and she tends to waddle when she's being lazy (that's the part of her that's duck). All in all she's a very strange dog which fits in perfect with us! Oh and she LOVES people, Especially kids. She'll try to jump out of the window of the car if she sees someone out there. But yes. That's our baby. She's growing by the second so enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow. It has been a crazy month! We love love LOVE having a house. It is fabulous! We can be as loud as we want! We have a yard to play in and we went from a crowded apartement to a naked house. It has been so much fun! of course we are still not unpacked all of the way and some of the rooms still need a little touch up paint but hey, we'll get there. I must admit that I love having a yard. We got to play football in the rain with Dani and Brady and It was SO MUCH FUN! we had to ring out our clothes and hair afterward and poor Casey and Dani took a couple of falls that looked painful. Of course me and Casey would have won but then Casey says next score wins and so Brady and Dani claim that they won. ;) I also love that I'm not afraid to get on the floor in our house; I feel fine laying on the floor in the living room, the bedroom, the loft, and I'm not afraid I'm going to stand up with spiders dead on me or pokey stickers. Now, I haven't mentioned my absolutely FAVORITE part about our new house yet. Most people know but still, I'm not telling until I can get pictures. I also want to talk about our trip to Vegas. So, in the famous words of Arnold Schwartseneger (sp?), I'll be back. :)