Just Us

Just Us

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

debates- take 2

So, As I posted before Casey and I LOVE  to have debates over stupid things. Of course no one ever wins so we still have the ones from my last post. But here are the latest. I'm sure on most of these you can guess whose opinion is whose, but please feel free to weigh in.
  • what's nerdier (I'm sure that's a word), a reading addiction or actually LIKING math?
  • Is it normal to not be able to suck and swallow at the same time? (Out of a straw!!!! I know this sounds dirty. it's not. I PROMISE!)
  • Does Heston look like Casey or Me?
Sorry this is the only one I've got of the 3 of us... 
  • Is it OK to not have emotions/block emotions?
  • Pee chills: fact or fiction?
  • Basketball or Baseball? This one just makes me mad! How is this even a competition???!!!
  • Nature Vs. Nurture? A little serious for Leslie and Casey? yep! totally obvious who stands where on this one but it's really weird because normally we have fairly similar opinions on serious issues but we are TOTALLY opposites on this! our conversations about it are hilarious.
  • Is Brandi from Storage Wars Hot?  

And I'm sure there are more but I don't remember. Also in the Batman vs. Superman I want everyone to know that Heston is being Superman for Halloween!!! I'm sure you all thought Casey was winning since he had his batman outfit in the newborn pics. But don't worry, I won't take that lying down! So thank you Callie Johnson for his superman costume and Thank you Kim for his Superman Onesie!

Also I heard on the radio today that 85%  of studies say PMS is a myth. this made me chuckle. And I think  woman everywhere are rising up to strangle the people who did this study. However, as some one who's never really had PMS I feel fine about it. How do you feel? ;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yes, I am back at work and yes, it BLOWS. I hate it. I was all sorts of nervous that I couldn't be a stay at home mom. And while I was correct in thinking I would suck at the homemaker thing (I tried, but cleaning is really just not one of my skills), I was incorrect in thinking I'd have a hard time being home all day. I loved cuddling with Heston all day and getting distracted by his cute giggles. I did get a bit jittery to get out of the house but nothing that a date night or a girls night couldn't fix. I was also correct in thinking that without a reason to shower I never would. I shouldn't say never... I showered like twice a week.... (casey's such a lucky man). But now I'm back to work, back to showering, back to having a reason to avoid deep cleaning my house, and I HATE IT. I miss him. I miss comforting him when he cries, and being spit up on, and playing with him while he giggles. I hate that I only see him for 3 hours a day. I get home at 5:30 and he's in bed by 8:30. But our neighbor, Amy, is great and sends me pics and texts to sooth my craziness and so that I know he's happy. Since I'm not a cryer she's probably been witnessing my moodiness which takes the form of VERY loud angry music. I also have eaten WAY to much cake...Anyway, I will probably be back at work for about 6 months so that we can pay off a few things and then we'll be able to afford expensive and crappy healthcare.  Just wanted to give an update! I really will start posting more often. eventually.