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Just Us

Friday, April 20, 2012

bloggity blog

This post comes because of my boredom at work. I apologize. As I begin I'm not even sure what to blog about. My intense fear of becoming a mother? especially if we decide I'll be a stay at home mom (I'm not domesticated. AT ALL. oi.), My serious dissapointment in the realization that Casey totally wears the pants in our relationship, My weird morning involving a dead mouse and a man doing the farmers nose blow, or I can always stick with the classics such as how cute puppies are. I really love puppies. I like to make lists. Maybe I'll make you a list. So heres a list of my favorite action movies. These are the movies that despite how many times I've seen them, and despite the fact that I own some of them I ALWAYS watch if they're on TV.
  • Rocky IV. So much love. it makes me want to run up a mountain.
  • Fast and the Furious. All of them, except tokyo drift. that one blows. Fast Five gives me an extra special thrill because of Dwayne.

  • Die Hard. Again, All of them.
  • Gladiator. On a side note this was the first rated R movie I saw.
  • Star Wars. I know I have not made my love for these movies a secret. Except episodes II and III. blah.
  • 300. epic.

  • Lord of the Rings. yes, I know, my nerd is showing.
  • the Patriot. so sad that they kill Heath. But what a goody of a show.
  • X-Men. Again, So very cheesey but I can't help but love them
  • Terminator. All of them. They're all cheesey goodness.
I can't resist a picture of Arnold.
And that is all.