Just Us

Just Us

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stranger stories

In the last few years it's been brought to my attention that not everyone has in depth conversations with strangers. I always thought this was a normal occurrence. I thought people just talked to each other. Check out lines, while searching for things in the store, at the doctors office, etc.. Casey was the first to point out that it wasn't normal. Now my friends make fun of me too. I had a teacher who called it "round face syndrome". But, I must admit, I love it. I love meeting strangers and learning about their lives! Sometimes the stories are strange and awkward but good entertainment. Sometimes they make my day. So here are my 5 favorite strangers:

1. The drive through lady- The nicest lady ever who would always upgrade my medium drink to a large. I didn't ever learn her name but I did know she was divorced and She was working at Iceberg to support not only herself but her daughter, abusive son-in-law, and eventually her new grand baby (born a few months before Heston). She no longer works there. I hope she's well.

2. The waiter at Applebee's- He was flamboyant and proud. Me and some friends were eating a late (11pm) dinner and he sat down next to me and started chatting. He had me laughing so hard that I couldn't even eat my food. he then told us a story about how he had a little Yorky and then his "fat brother" sat on the dog and killed it and didn't even know because he was so fat he didn't feel it. I couldn't decide on laughing or crying. Luckily Katy was there to laugh for me!

3. The back-up travel agent- She helped me one day while our normal person was on vacation. Her granddaughter had leukemia. She had only one match for her bone marrow transplant and they said "yes!".

4. The boy from high school- We never spoke in high school but I ran into him one day at UVU. He was divorced because his wife couldn't accept his bi-sexuality. He was forced by a social worker to move in with his parents after a suicide attempt but chose instead to live in his car. He was also having problems with his co-workers.

5. The oversharer- It takes a lot to embarrass me. But somehow this man managed. I had just come back from maternity leave and he was asking questions about UVU's insurance coverage of the birth. He started telling me about his wife's most recent vaginal exam and ultrasound. Then he started telling me about how much he paid out for his Prostate problems. something about blood vessels...

To you 5 strangers, I say, thank you for brightening my day, teaching me something new, and trusting me with your personal info. Props to you for being willing to share!

Monday, November 25, 2013

You may not know...

I've been seeing all of the "things you may not know about me" posts all over Facebook and I'm going to be honest: I LOVE THEM! I love seeing the random things that everyone shares! People are amazing. Everyone is so different that when I get to see these things and learn something knew I really enjoy it. And now I've just outed myself... Yes, I stalk you on facebook and learn things about you that you'll never know that I know. Anyway, in the spirit of things I've decided to post some things on my blog that you may not know about me:

  1. One time I licked a toilet seat on a dare. (I have Logan to thank for that--I also ate dirt at one point)
  2. My favorite treat is Movie theatre popcorn
  3. when listening to Broadway Musical CD's I act out all the parts as I sing.
  4. I love to Mosh Pit.
  5. I like dogs more than people (and that's saying something! I really like people!)
  6. I have 5 best friends (not counting Casey). The shortest relationship being 10 years and the longest being 25. I would take a bullet for them. I love you Dani, Tisha, Maegs, B, and Ali.
  7. Casey is the first person I introduced myself to on my first day at a new school. It was Freshman year. He looked kind and I liked his shirt.
  8. Casey is the only boyfriend that I've kissed.
  9. I ran over a dog once because I was texting and driving. I cried.
  10. I only cry about once a year. Usually at a funeral or because of Grey's Anatomy.
  11. The scariest movie I've ever seen is The Great Mouse Detective.
  12. 75% of the things I say to Casey are inappropriate innuendos.
  13. 75% of the things I say to other people are dripping with sarcasm.
  14. I don't believe in soul mates. Or fate. I think the reason I'm so in love is just that Casey really is the best. He'd make anyone happy.
  15. I call in sick at least a few times a year just to read.
  16. I love all carbonated drinks except Dr. Pepper.
  17. My proudest moment last week was when Heston put Skills (our dog) in a headlock.
  18. I'm allergic to Bananas and Kiwi
  19. I wanted to be a boy until about Junior High
  20. My brother Luke taught me how to Braid hair. He used Twizzlers as a teaching tool.
  21. I'm afraid of Preying Mantis's (Mantii? Mantis'? )
  22. I have no Holiday Spirit.
  23. I had a hermit crab named Kamoo... He scared me. I forgot about him and he molded and died. There was a funeral.
I think that's enough for today. :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ode to my Blog title

It's been a while since I've blogged... So I'm blogging! However, I have a lot of things jumbling around in my brain and, as always, it's nothing important just  Lots of Nonsense.

I've been thinking about the huge amounts of peaches Casey canned and whether I should start putting bows on them and giving them as gifts (Yes, Casey canned peaches. Heston LOVES THEM but we have a ton! we also have a lot of Jam....)
I've been thinking about how awesome Heston is.
I've been thinking about ways I feel I should be a better Mom... things like maybe bathing Heston regularly instead of the wet wipe baths I tend to do. Or working on getting him to use more words. Not letting him wash his hands with a dog tongue....
I've been thinking about how amazing stay at home mom's are. seriously. I could write a whole post about this. It's gotten to the point where if I'm sick, it's easier to come to work. Staying home with Heston can be exhausting! and there's only one of him!
I've been thinking that I wish it wasn't SO HARD for Casey and I to have kids. I LOVED having my brother so close in age. I'm having a really hard time accepting that that may not be the case for Heston. And the freaking Clomid turns me into a girl for about a week each month. Yes, I realize I am a girl but I've never had the emotional roller coaster most girls seem to have. But now, about once a month, I get sad. I just want more love and little things can make me mad or sad or touched or any other amounts of crazy you want to put out there. Beware; during this week I hope you aren't the person who asks me or tells me "it's time to have another one". because then I'll go into too much detail about our sex lives and try to make you uncomfortable. I hate that the clomid hasn't worked and now we'll have to take the next steps.
I've been thinking about the huge amounts of unconditional love Casey, Heston (our 2 other children, Skills and Moose) and I have sent our way. The Magnusson Family, the Moon Family, Our amazing friends... they would do anything for us. It's awesome.
I've been thinking about how excited I am for the third book in the Divergent series, Allegient, to come out! October 22 folks!
I've been thinking about the government shut down and how sad it is. How hard it is on our Nation. In so many ways.
I've been thinking about taking a Latin class. Because I believe if I all of a sudden get my magical powers, Latin will come in handy.

As you can see, I think about a lot of Nonsense! Most of it has no conclusion. Most of it will always be a puzzle in my mind. But hey, now I've blogged. One less thing to think about.

I feel this picture accurately portrays my life. And my mind. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I've been thinking a lot about Reverting. I revert a lot. It's really kind of sad. The embarrassing truth of the matter is that when I see people from my past I revert to the person I was then. Not that there's a huge difference in me now and then but let me give you a slight example.

The other day I ran into a friend of my brothers. When I run into ANY of his friends I turn into 12 year old Leslie. Even though I didn't even know him when I was 12, that's what happened. I said "Hi how're you?" he said, "good how're you doing?" I said "good, thanks!" and then basically ran away. I get SHY. (Leslie gets shy??? what? that makes no sense!) With some of his other friends I just blush and quit speaking.  I'm 25 years old! I'm married with a baby! who is this shy Leslie?

Casey also likes to make fun of me because when I get with friends I totally revert back to who I was. With my PG friends I get giggly and over share EVEN MORE than normal. Their husbands think I'm INSANE (which may be possible) because they know WAY to much about me (peeing your pants when you vomit is totally normal during pregnancy! Don't judge me Shaun and Brandon!!! Casey I'm sorry for embarrassing you with that over share)With my friends from high school I get  LOUD. Like ridiculously loud. He's said on more than one occasion that I get annoying. Rude! but true.

Does anyone else do this??? What are your tips for stopping? I need to figure out a way to find my Zen so I'm not so awkward/annoying. I'm OK with most of them. I enjoy being loud with my high school friends! I enjoy the giggles. However, I don't enjoy the shyness and immaturity... It's sad to accept that I'll be obnoxious forever... and blushing is the worst! like my cheeks aren't red enough naturally, lets add a blush! Any way.... any tips would be lovely. thanks!

Friday, August 2, 2013

6 Years

I have officially been married to My Better Half for 6 years!!!! SIX! it's crazy to think about... and since one of my favorite things to do is talk about how awesome Casey is, I take this day every year to get it all out. It really is one of my favorite things... I try to contain myself. I feel bad for everyone who doesn't get to be married to him. Which is everyone. I'm sorry you can't be married to Casey, but, he's mine.

When I married Casey, I loved him. I loved him more than any one else and I knew I always wanted him in my life. I thought He was pretty great. I was wrong. There's nothing "pretty great" about him. He's THE GREATEST. Every year I learn something more about him that just makes him more amazing and makes me fall more in love. Casey was shy and guarded when we got married. He's still shy and guarded compared to me but every year I feel like a little more of Casey comes out.
This year Casey has started singing with his head phones in. Even when he's out doing yard work, I can hear him singing while he mows the lawn or sprays the weeds. He loves to listen to music and sing while he's in the shower these days too! I love listening to Casey sing.
He's started making Jam. He loves homemade jam and so he decided that if he wanted it, he'd make it. Yeah, that's right ladies, my husband makes jam. and he'll probably kill me for announcing that.... (Luke, no taking away his man card!!! He can still shoot his gun with the best of them and fix anything)
The best thing I've learned about Casey this year though; He is the greatest Dad.

Being a Dad came so naturally to him. I was actually kind of jealous of how natural it came to him! He MADE all of Heston's baby food. No one can make Heston laugh as hard as Casey can. He never complains about the snot or the drool or the poop. He would do anything for that little boy.

Thanks for being you Casey Moon. Thanks for marrying me. I love you!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Heston

Dear Heston,

You turn One tomorrow. I might be freaking out slightly about this... I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I can't believe how much you OWN our lives. You are the best baby we could have ever asked for. You slept through the night from the beginning, you hardly ever cried, I only got pooped on once and peed on a couple of times. A year ago today we were worried we wouldn't know what to do with you. Worried we wouldn't be good parents (we still worry about this but we love you so much that I'm sure we'll do something right).We were worried about the dogs being jealous of you; now we just worry about the dogs being tortured by you.  A year ago today I was doing the same thing I'm doing now; sitting at work wondering what the future holds for you.
I'm sure you're going to wonder what you were like as a baby (or at least your wife will). So I'll do my best to describe you. You are amazing. And I'm not just saying that because I'm your Mom. Your bear crawl was the cutest thing I've ever seen! and even the doctor was amazed by your strength and speed. You had two teeth by 4 months. You now have 11 teeth. You were walking by 10 months. Your first word was "Mama" which you only said when you were really upset and wanted me (be still my heart!) You are as stubborn as your father and you like to be told what do about as much as your Mother. We have constant battles over the dog dishes and your desire to play in the dog water. You get put on time-out at least a couple times a week for not listening (don't worry it's a bouncer with lots of toys. It's the cushiest time-out ever). When we tell you "no" you turn and look at us until we put our guard down and then you hurry and do it anyway. It's the same with the stairs. If we're not looking and the gates not up, you take off and are half way up in a matter of seconds. You love to be running and you'll run off, do your thing, come back for a hug and then go out again.
You love fruit and hot dogs. You can cuddle and watch sports with Dad for at least 5 minutes. It's the only thing that can get you to sit still for any chunk of time. You love Miss Amy and her family. To you, they're family as well. You love your puppies. You chase them around hugging them... you pat them, pull their hair, their ears, their lips. We let them lick the crap out of you so that you'll stop. You just think it's hilarious. You love our phones and anything shiny. You love your nap time and go instantly to sleep once given your Tigger. You love to be outside exploring new things. You could people watch for hours and really enjoy being in crazy busy environments. You love to be included and when we start laughing with a group, you'll fake laugh to be included. You love to move and rarely stop. You're independent. You don't want Mom or Dad to feed you when you can do it yourself you want to run and see new things and make sure no one picks you up (Mom, Dad, and Amy are really the only ones you let hold you anyway... you take time to warm up to people). No one can make you laugh as hard as Daddy can.
You are smart, strong, beautiful, and sweet. I love your cuddles. When you're sick, the only thing that makes you feel better are cuddles. We've called you Mowgli, Balloo, Hest, Hesto, Hesty (we don't,but the neighbors do), butt-head, turd, brat, beautiful boy, sweet boy, The Boy, That, This, cutie, One of our dogs, and probably many other things.
Thank you for coming to us. We love you SO MUCH! Happy first birthday Baby Boy.


Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today's one of those rare days that I feel like lashing out at people. So I'm trying to distract myself with loud cheery pop music, cookies for breakfast, and blogging. It would be sad if I was grumpy with someone who didn't deserve it.... my dry sarcasm can get quite viscous. So, in the spirit of cheering myself up I went through my pictures on my phone. So this post is about what's new in our lives (very little... you've been warned).
I mentioned in my last post that my Beautiful cousin Lindsay was in a car accident 2 days after her high school graduation. She past away later in the week. Lindsay was one of those people that had a smile that could brighten your whole day. She was a whole lot of sugar with just enough spice to keep things interesting. Lindsay and I weren't close but that didn't change the fact that my heart broke for her family and her lost life. Lindsay had made the decision to serve an LDS mission and she was prepared to go "wherever the Lord sends me". She will be a great missionary for God.

So we went out to Oregon for the funeral. I haven't been to Oregon in YEARS but I absolutely LOVE that beautiful state. It's gorgeous. and rainy. Who could ask for more? And to add to it, I have some awesome family there! they're hilarious! and I don't see them nearly enough (you hear that family?! come visit!)
 The view from our ocean-side condo
 Casey, Heston, and some trashy girl standing in front of the ocean. That rock had more birds on it then there are stars. OK I'm being dramatic, but the specks you see? those are birds.
 Lighthouse! I always expect something dramatic to happen at a lighthouse. Like I'm going to see a ghost. Or a murder. Or a proposal.
 Heston LOVED the ocean. Every time we tried to drag him back he ran (crawled) back towards it.

Yeah... adorable. freaking adorable!
In other news, Heston is now way too old. He turns one on August 1. He walks. and has way too much attitude. He's on Time-out at least once a day.  He also chases our dogs around hugging, patting, and pulling their hair. Poor dogs...
He has a new big boy car seat.
It's Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork and we went to the rodeo Tuesday night. Heston is usually asleep by 7:30 (that kid has to get his 12 hours), the rodeo started at 8... he was very very sleepy. but he loved the flag girls (oh boy...) and the horses.
 Sleepily watching the bronc-riding
As you can see, he was sleepy even before we left. But look how adorable he is in Cowboy attire!
Well... I think that's about it....we had a cold that turned us all into zombies. But don't worry, Tylenol cured us. We have a new giant chair (thanks Kim and Bruce!) that is heaven to read in... yeah, we're SUPER lame. but I like it. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We went to Moab  2 weekends ago and it was a trip of many ups and downs! We went to hike and had an amazing time doing that. We also found out my beautiful 18 year old cousin had been in a car accident. We're going to Oregon for the funeral this Saturday. Sunday we also got food poisoning. Luckily Heston didn't. get sick.
Anyway, Moab is beautiful and we woke up early enough (Casey's doing. Obviously not mine) that it wasn't too hot. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

isn't his face ferocious as he chews on the pack?

Casey climbed up that with a baby on his back. He's kind of awesome.

seriously. How cute is that kid?!

He hated the cold water but loved swimming.

Ok, so I couldn't resist posting this picture.  We were on a drive exploring some dirt roads and Casey reaches over and touches my knee. I waited for an explanation but it never came, after about 15 minutes I quickly snapped a picture and asked "whatcha doin?" he looked down and said "I don't know... I just wanted to touch you..." I cracked up hysterically! He couldn't figure out why he hadn't put his whole hand on my leg. Either way, it was adorable! Now I will forever put one finger on him when I'm feeling lovey.
Anyway, this was short and dull but I wanted to post some pictures (not sure why they're all tinted blue....) Bye!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A request to my LDS friends--

I've gone back and forth on whether I'm going to write this post. I've thought that I could just do an update post on our lives... Or I've been thinking about first impressions a lot lately and that could be a fun post! But, I've never been good at keeping my mouth shut so until I get this out it'll just pester me.
Let me preface this by saying that I DO KNOW and I firmly believe that we CHOOSE how to react to situations. We can choose to be offended or we can choose to not. I also know that everyone is different and lumping everyone together isn't fair. In every group there are jerks and there are wonderful people. With that said I'm going to share a personal experience:

When we closed on our house the people living there asked if they could stay an extra week or two because they didn't have a place to live yet. Casey told them that they were welcome to stay but since we had taken over the mortgage they had to pay rent. They told us no and we could tell they were upset but they were out the next day (when the house became ours).
We moved in, and I was a little surprised that no one in the neighborhood offered to help, but hey, there were a LOT of little kids around so I knew everyone must just be busy and we had family help so we were good. Our first week of church I knew I'd have to go out of my way and introduce myself so that I could make friends. I was ready for that. I introduced myself to 3 people that day and all of them said "Hi, nice to meet you." and turned to talk to someone else. No one introduced themselves to me. Again, I was kind of shocked but figured, well, there really are a lot of kids, everyone's pretty darn busy I'll try again next week. We did have One family invite us to dinner (the stake pres. and his wife, and they were really nice).
 We went pretty diligently for a while and didn't have people talk to us. It became harder and harder to go. We moved in in May. In October we had new neighbors move in. We were chatting with them about the ward and I said, "it just doesn't seem like people like us. But I'm not sure why." They then realized who we were and told us about how they'd heard about us and how we "kicked out the people who lived their before us". They'd heard about us?! what?! My feelings really were kind of hurt. I have never been accused of being straight up mean. Yes, I've been a brat before but in this case I wasn't sure we deserved the rumors.
We got our first "welcome to the neighborhood" gift 6 months after we moved in. To be fair, I haven't taken any one new a welcome to the neighborhood gift. But it did hurt that no one would talk to us until they found out I was pregnant. By then Casey held a pretty good grudge (he's a grudge holder. you have been warmed.) and we were basically inactive. Now every time we go we get the "oh! you're here! we haven't seen you! it's so great to see you!" oy. who are you again?

Alright, that was a stupid rant. My point is that at this point I feel like a number. I feel like a name on the inactive list. I go to church because church makes me feel good. I don't go to church to be judged. And in all honesty I'm fine. Yes it hurt, but I'm not a very good grudge holder. I'm over it. Being mad and remembering why is too much work. I'm too lazy for that. However I've seen a lot of hurt from those around me lately.

My heart hurts for the man who is judged every time he goes to church because he doesn't go enough and do enough. The same man who holds more guilt in his heart than anybody could ever know.

My heart hurts for the expectant mother who can't take depression medication. Who's therapist recommended green tea but was told by her bishop that that would get her temple recommend taken away.

My heart hurts for the Mother who's ward tells her over and over that she's not doing enough even though her perfectionist notions are causing an anxiety level that's about to make her crack.

My heart hurts for the man who stops going to church because if that is how Mormons act he wants no part in it.

My heart hurts each time one of my friends says "all Mormons are judgemental" but "you don't count because you're not like them." THEN NOT ALL MORMONS ARE JUDGEMENTAL. The sad truth is, in Utah, the majority seem to be.

I had a visiting teacher who was absolutely SHOCKED that some of our best friends are anti-religion and strongly dislike the Mormon church. She didn't understand how we could associate with people who's beliefs were so different. here's the answer: Because they are great people. It's that simple. They have been there for us through a lot and I know without a doubt that they would drop everything to help us out.

I'm begging for all of my Mormon friends to STOP TRYING TO CONVERT FIRST AND LOVE LATER.
And I'm not talking about the "we love everybody because we're all God's children" kind of love. I'm talking about really loving them. Love Sister Smith for her ability to quote any movie. Love Brother Johnson for his intelligence about the Vietnam War. You have to KNOW them, and I mean REALLY KNOW THEM before you can love them. And once you love them, feel free to convert them. Next time you see someone at church who doesn't go very often, say hi and make an effort to talk. Please don't do it to convert them. Do it because you want to get to know them. Be willing to make new friends.
Don't judge
stop judging.
I know this message has been everywhere lately but I need to say it again. Please stop judging. You are hurting this beautiful gospel.

Alright. I'm down off of my soap box. I apologize for climbing up so high. I also apologize because this was way longer than it was supposed to be. Now I just need to convince myself to publish this.... maybe it'll just sit here forever.......

Friday, April 5, 2013



[uh-dik-shuhn] Show IPA
the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma
Ok. So maybe I'm not a total addict... but kinda. I have some addictions that at some point or another have caused Casey to get SEVERELY annoyed with me. the biggest one of course was reading. Right after I got my NOOK I ignored Casey for WEEKS. Since he bought it for me he was really good about it for a while. Then he got sick of it. Then I learned to turn on ESPN for him so that I could read. but here are some addictions I've become aware of that have had a definite affect (effect?) on my life:
  • READING...(duh)-but it should please you to know that I'm down to only 2-4 books a week since having Heston and getting a new job.
  • ACTION MOVIES- Seriously. CAN NOT get enough. Casey got the biggest kiss ever when he agreed to have a Die Hard Marathon with me (and I smiled through the whole new one). Casey HATES that I have the A-team memorized and watch Terminator every time it's on. He tries to fight my Fast and the Furious obsession. He refuses to see the new GI Joe (I know the first on sucked but,Channing, Bruce, and Dwayne... so. much. drool.)
  • ORANGE JUICE- I know you don't think this can be an addiction. but it is. If I don't have it every morning I feel lost and confused.
  • HESTON- man that kid's cute. He's recently started screaming "MAMA" if he's really sad or pissed off. I have to admit I kind of love it.
  • CASEY- I sniff him. Creepy? maybe.
  • CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES AND MOVIE THEATRE POPCORN- I blame my father. I crave them. I have to have them! HAVE TO!
  • PUPPIES- every time I see one I feel the need to point it out (and by point it out I mean I'll bark at it). and I can spot a puppy from miles away.
  • GIRLS NIGHTS- these definitely piss off Casey. But sometimes one a month just isn't enough! the chatting, the laughing, the inappropriate humor. It just doesn't get better!
Alright. I'll leave it at that because I've got to go. sorry this is lame but it's just been too long since I've posted. The 3 people who read this were probably worried I died.

Monday, February 25, 2013


This is going to be quick because I'm trying to do it before Heston wakes up which could be any second. But I wanted to give an update as to why, as of late, I'm a sucky blog stalker and a sucky blogger. I got a new job/promotion. I am the new Travel Coordinator at UVU and I am CRAZY busy. No longer do I have spare time to read, watch tv, blog/facebook stalk, or harass people via text message. I like being busy. I like my new job and learning new things and meeting new people. I thrive on the chaos. before you ask, no, I cannot get you cheap flights or book your vacation. I'm not a travel agent.
In other news I've been "sick". I don't know if asthma can really be called "sick" but if so I guess I was.  I had a minor episode. I haven't had problems with my asthma since I was in Junior High but a few months ago I got a cold and had to go in for a rescue inhaler. then I got better. Then I got worse. A few weeks ago I started having to use it a few times a night and then progressively more often... well... things got to a point where I was waking up every hour or 2 to do the rescue inhaler so that I could sleep at night. I was also doing it multiple times a day. Casey told me to go to the doctor but I kept thinking it would just go away. I kept getting migraines and sick and shaky but didn't connect the two. One day I got SUPER sick and started passing out at work. I drove home (bad BAD idea. but I made it safe and managed to not pass out) and collapsed in bed. Casey says I passed out. I claim it was just a good nap. Anyway, the next morning I went to the doctor (while I was actually feeling pretty good and breathing decently) and it turns out my oxygen levels were low. They started me on a breathing treatment right away and filled me full of steroids. I guess the shaking was because I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my tissue.... oops. The doctor was pretty upset with me. Casey was even more upset.  Long story short. I'm fine. If Casey tells you I almost died, he's just being dramatic.
Also, Heston is mobile! The little turd has figured out how to scoot himself. darn. He's also sick. :( I've never seen so much snot in my life. I've also never had so much snot all over my shirt. Super attractive. But, he's wanted to cuddle a lot and so I'll take a snot soaked shirt (and I seriously mean SOAKED).
Let's see.... I think we're all caught up now??? We caved and bought a Dyson. The amount of dog hair got to be too much for a normal vacuum to handle. If you'd like to come clean my house I'd let you. It's desperately needed. But hey, you won't need to vacuum because we've done that! I'm sure I've missed something vitally important but I guess if it was I'd remember it.... Bye!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I Say

It's amazing how many things I say EVERY DAY that Shock me. Things that make me pause and think "wow, who saw that one coming?" Of course there are the obvious:
  • "accounts payable- this is Leslie" My math teacher is probably having a stroke.
  • "my son, Heston"- yes, I have a child. weird.
  • "our house"- yup, real grown ups, 2 dogs, a baby, AND a house. We have arrived.
  • "has he pooped today?" or "yay! he pooped!"- hmm... poop is a priority... interesting. Is this another sign that we've "arrived" or does this take me down a notch?
Then there are the WEIRD things. Things that I think there's NO WAY that other people have to (get to?) say these on a daily basis:
  • "Don't eat the dog!"- do the dogs look tasty? why does he insist on trying this?
  • "Don't lick the baby!"- Heston loves it, and the dogs get yelled at. It's a cruel world.
  • "Please don't eat spit up"- Skills is gross
  • "Don't hump your sister!"- dogs. oy. in all fairness this isn't everyday... still, very awkward.
  • "So, in the book I read last night..."- I always loved to read but I think it's become a problem. Reading slow means taking 2 days... :\ I may need an intervention.
  • "You're a ho bag. But I love you"- He (Casey) really is a Ho-bag. But he's okay to look at so I put up with it.
Alright. This was random. But I need to get back to work. :D