Just Us

Just Us

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy World Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

I know I'm a day late but this is so ridiculously cute even heartless ol' me thought of tearing up! This is my sweet niece Abby and I love her to pieces!!! Also, if you haven't ever visited my Sister-in-laws blog do so. She's a hoot. She's also passionate which is something I tend to lack. If your reading this you're on my blog so just look at the blogs I follow and got to Mostly True Stuff. Thats her. :D Enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2012


The winner of the bet is.... ME!!! (Of course.) We're having A BOY!!!! So I get final say on the name... I made sure to rub Casey's face in it the second we walked out of our ultrasound. The sad part is that Casey is always so much better than me. He had his list all ready to go, with a bunch of cute girls names we both liked. I have 2 names on my list. And now Casey is trying to brainwash me by calling the baby the name he likes. He's a poo. Anyway, just thought I'd share the news! I was going to wait til I remembered to post a picture, but is it weird to post a picture of my unborn babies man-junk? Is it weird to celebrate man-Junk?
In other news, I have finally let Casey start working on the nursery remodel! I use the "finally" very loosely. Casey wanted to start buying stuff and working on the room the second the stick gave us plus sign. But to be fair I'm not due til the end of July! I kept putting him off by saying "not until we know the gender". Now we know the gender... uh oh. He's already set up the crib, put up bead board (caulked it, painted it, etc..), made me help pick out a color scheme (thanks Missy, and the cute bedding and Babies R us), bought paint, and installed canned lighting on a dimmer switch so the lights don't wake the baby and his clumsy wife doesn't hurt herself. He's done most of it all by himself while I sit and cat call at him. He's such a yummy handy-man. I've learned that I am an excellent caulker, and that using a tape measure is way harder than it looks (I'll be making Casey do all measuring of rooms, or anything farther than 3 feet, from here on out). And I'm sure I'll be posting pictures when it's all done. On a side note, If you need any paint, we went a bit overboard... sooo.... we have white, gray, blue, yellow, and orange.  we'll be done with them soon and you're welcome to them.
ITS A BOY!!!! :D