Just Us

Just Us

Thursday, May 24, 2012


You know, I'd heard about pregnancy crazy hormones but I think until you experience it, you just don't know. Casey and I would joke that maybe when I got pregnant I'd have finally be a girl. Maybe I'd finally cry about weird things (or anything at all really... I cry about twice a year. Usually once is because of a TV show.)! Or get mad at him for things that weren't his fault. Those are the types of things we were expecting. Well... I'm sad to say there have been no tears and Casey is as wonderful as ever (even if he won't let me lift ANYTHING. even grocery bags).
What I have been experiencing is RAGE. Okay, it's rage for me... My friends and co-workers have informed me that for a normal person it's mild anger or annoyance. Apparently I'm generally mild mannered. But, now things that would normally make me go "you idiot" and forget about them, I am now am enraged for like an hour thinking about the stupidity of the person! Like the guy who almost took out the front end of my car yesterday and then 30 seconds later caused an accident. If I could have safely stopped you would have been ripped a new one in person instead of just out my window. And I was still riled up an hour later when Casey called me.
Also, people who generally annoy me, now they better just stay out of my way. I always have a lack of filter on my mouth, but because I like most people that's fine. Now... yikes. It takes everything I have not to say something.
The other one is anxiety. I now feel anxiety. I think this is fairly new to me. Sure sure like anybody else I'd get a little anxious over a big test or being dropped from the skycoaster at Lagoon.  But when the dog dropped a nearly-dead mouse at my feet; I think I came very near a panic attack... I had to put my head between my knees and hole up in my room and breath for like 10 minutes. I'm feeling anxiety about things that I KNOW normally I wouldn't. Someone please tell me this will go away? I don't like it.
Now for a funny story; The other day me and Casey go to California Pizza Kitchen, the hostess asked us, "would you like a table or a booth?" I say "Booth please" and Casey smiles and says, "Do you still fit in a booth?" Moon!!!! I punched him and then we both laughed forever after we got seated and I realized there was like a fingers-width of space between my belly and the table. Sad day, I'm going to have to become a table sitter! booths are so much better :(
I also turned to Casey the other day and asked in my most horrified voice "oh no, do my boobs look bigger already?!" and he says "can they get bigger then ginormous?" Not helpful Moon! but it did give me the giggles for the next couple of hours. So did this;

The monkey tail! It took me Months to talk him into it. He must love me though because he did it! you can't see it very well.. from the side it looks fairly normal. then he turns his head. What was even better was that he didn't want to leave it because he was embarrassed so then he did this:

The Porn-Stache! . He looked like a huge creeper. I couldn't look at him without giggling. he got a lot more crap about the porn-stache then the monkey tail. He's going to kill me for posting that picture. hehe.
And that's all for now! some day I'll post pictures from my birthday trip to Jackson Hole!