Just Us

Just Us

Friday, January 30, 2009

fun times

So last night I played basketball for the first time in a long time. Man I miss that sport. I came home with a big ol' fat jammed finger that I can't bend, asthma, shin splints, nail scratches, and bruises. And it was totally worth it! It's church ball so of course its insanely chaotic and ugly but it's so much fun! (and my teams pretty good! we've got some great players, last night we won and it was 4 on five most of the time and 3 on five part of the time, and we weren't the team with 5.) I came home and Casey told me I wasn't allowed to go any more. I had nail marks and my jammed finger and I kept coughing cause I'm fat and out of shape. haha I laughed in his face! Running for no reason is absolutely no fun. Running while playing basketball is so fun! you're running in hopes of getting the ball and scoring, or cutting off some else to keep them from scoring. church balls nice because to them I'm huge! so I get TONS of blocks and rebounds. Also it's nice that even though I think I'm doing awful I fit right in with the players there! (was that rude? it wasn't meant to be? I miss being on a team, dang my lack of talent and drive! well this was a random blog but now I know i can type just fine on my fat finger! :) haha now I need to play some volleyball! too bad I don't have a pic of my finger or me playing to put on here.. oh well!

Monday, January 26, 2009


So I was waiting until I could put a picture on here of like an elk or me and casey or the gorgeous frost covered trees or maybe me rubbing big foots nipple. But since it hasn't happened I can't hold off any longer. We went to Jackson hole last weekend!!! It was so fun! thursday I sent Casey a text saying "we need a vacation", Casey said "you're right, lets go." So after work we left. We went to the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in, besides our first night of marriage, and it was so fun! we spent a lot of time doing absolutely nothing, we just, relaxed and Casey wouldn't let me think about anything serious. We shirked all responsibility; work, church, teaching classes, plans with friends, everything! We ate at Casey's favorite restaurants and got delicious buttermilk pie from bubbas. My favorite part was the sleigh ride. the sleigh was pulled by big clydesdale (spelling?) horses and we got within five feet of coyotes, and tons of giant elk! Casey was in heaven! We saw swans, eagles, thousands of elk, coyotes, mountain goats, and Moose. Of course we saw moose, I always see a moose when I'm in nature. I'm the moose whisperer. Any way I'll try to get some pictures put on. But basically it was heaven on earth. It was perfect and great and Casey rocks! Yay Vacation!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I wish this blog was for something cool or exciting... well it's not. We just started our next semester of school. Oh school. Casey should graduate (aka get his commercial journey-mans license) in May of 2010. I should have my bachelors in Next December (cross your fingers). But right now it just seems so monotonous and pointless. I was really excited for some of my classes this semester, I'm taking an intro to group psychotherapy class (we do group therapy every Wednesday! sounds exciting to me!), a clinical interviewing class (which for me is the scariest part of therapy, where do I start? what do I ask? etc.), and American Sign Language which I absolutely love! I'm also taking a career prep class and my first day of that is tonight. I'm kind of disappointed my actual psychology/social work classes... One of my teachers is losing his hearing and so he doesn't understand when we talk, he also talks very quiet and the experiences he shares I can't quite make the connection to what he's trying to teach us. My other teacher I think is going to make us do a lot of busy work, to try to learn on our own what to ask a client. Hopefully group therapy and interviewing will be a lot better experience than what I'm expecting.
I guess the main thing is we're now back to being so busy that we have little time to play or talk to anyone and little time to be together. Did you know the average college graduate remembers 6% or less of what they learned in college? And it's SO BORING! I really was excited and positive about my classes, and I still have high hopes, but man my life is dull right now. I crave social interaction; I'm not getting too much of that. I get to talk to Michelle at work, Casey nights before bed and my family on Sundays, I'm trying to fit some other people in but it's just not happening. Oh well... one more year! And I just realized this blog sounds like I'm depressed or something; I'm not! haha! my life is the best life anyone could possibly ask for, I have so many great people around me! I'm just complaining because I don't get enough time with those great people! I didn't even call ali on her birthday! she got a lame text! So that's my new years resolution I suppose. To use my free time to stay close to the great people in my life who I love, and to find free time in which to do it in.
I apologize if you wasted time reading this. But it helped me work out some things; so I feel better now... The world revolves around me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Decisions; ugh

Any one who knows me knows what a bad decision maker I am. It takes me a half hour to pick a movie! And not just at Mom's where movies are overflowing, but even in me and Casey's shabby collection. Well this last month me and Casey have been dealing with some pretty big issues and trying to decide what to do about them (yes, I realize I'm being vague, sorry, but for now it's going to stay vague.) We're also trying to better ourselves. We've been letting ourselves slip and we got tired of it. So we're trying to kick it up a gear and be better people. Hopefully we can grow spiritually so that when the Lord tries to guide us towards what's right we'll be able to hear it. I hate making decisions; but these are BIG decisions. Grown up decisions. Haha, yes I know I'm a grown up but I've spent my life up till now running away from being a grown up (neverland any one?) Good thing Casey's been a grown up since he was 10; I don't know what I'd do with out him.
Also, we have a new nephew, Jesse Brent Moon. He's adorable! I wish I could somehow get pictures on here because I'm so proud of Casey's bro and sister in law. They are so excited and such cute parents! But, as me and Casey don't have a computer I'll have to figure out how to get pictures to work.... hm... Any way, Jesse was born on Casey's birthday (which for some reason Casey has always wanted! I'm way too selfish to share my birthday. ;) ) And we are so excited to have him. Casey's nieces and nephews are so adorable! We used to fight over who's (whose?) were cuter but now I love them all so much! We just need Lance and Lexi and Robin and Brian to move to Utah so I can see my 3 nephews and Caseys 2 nieces more! But I am really glad that we have plenty close by!