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Just Us

Friday, September 30, 2011

BOOKS 2011

Ok... I read freakish amounts. This will not surprise anyone. When I tell people how many books I've read in the last little while it tends to frighten them. I do realize that I have a problem. Now, some of you are saying "no, reading is good, you're expanding your knowledge base." to you people I say, YOU'RE WRONG unless your talking about my knowledge of psychics, vampires, werewolves, and other things that I occasionally forget aren't real. Despite all of this people frequently ask me for book recommendations. So here is my forewarning on this post;
I read teen books. These are light and fun reads. These are books that take me away from the real world which I find dull and serious 75% of the time. These will not change your life. These are a fun escape that are way below your maturity level. Don't judge me. Some of the ones that made the list aren't teen books but I think there's only like 2...
These are in no particular order. they are just books that I enjoy that I have read more than once (or would read more than once.) in the last year.

1. The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Claire.
 Probably my favorite series ever. (there are currently 4 out with 2 more on the way. But if you read the first three and stop I think you'll be pleased).

2. The Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins.
 If you haven't read this yet you are way behind on the times because it is very popular and amazing. Although the last one is kind of... meh.

3. Tiger Curse Series by Colleen Houck.
 These are original (minus the love triangle, but who doesn't love a love triangle? I know I do!) which if you read much I'm sure you know this is a rare find.

4. Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld.
 He creates such an amazing world. When I was done I had added a few made-up slang words to my vocabulary.
Also by Scott Westerfeld is the Leviathan series... it doesn't make the list but it's definitely interesting and fun and I'm looking forward to reading the third and final installment.

5. The Darkest Power Series By Kelley Armstrong.
 These are aimed a little younger but I could NOT put them down. (also there's a branch off series to these and the first one is called "the Gathering" I read this first and it's what made me read the others.)

6. The Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices #1) By Cassandra Clare.
 I could have included this with the Mortal Instrument series but this series makes the list by itself. ok... well the first one does. The second one comes out in December and I'm SO EXCITED.

7. Someday Soon by Debbie Macomber.
This is aimed older, and it is the only one on my list that is not fantasy fiction. definitely a bit more graphic. I'm kind of embarrassed by my love for Debbie Macomber (and Iris Johansen) books. Some of her books are so much fun! and some of them are dull dull dull. ask me for more good ones.

8. Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich.
 Also aimed older. I picked this up randomly one day in Smiths and I cracked up through the whole thing! so random. I kept giggling and hiding my face in a pillow so I wouldn't wake Casey.

9. Vampire Academies by Richelle Mead.
 There are a million of these. okay maybe only 6 or 7. But I wouldn't read them all straight or you get kind of sick of them. They're different and I love 'em. Even if they are trendy vampire books.

10. House of Night Series by P.C. and Kristen Cast.
 Again I'm embarrassed that this is another vampire series and again there are a million of the. Don't read them in a row. take a break. I still haven't made it through the series because I borrow them from Dani.  But I love them even more then Vamp Academies. You finally get a heroine who relies on her friends!

11. The Demon Trappers Series by Jana Oliver.
 I really loved the first one. The second one I kind of wanted to punch her in the face for being so dumb but she's a strong character and I'm excited for the next installment.

12. Red Handed By Gena Showalter.
Fun, fast, easy read.

Ok I promised myself I'd only do 10... so really quick, Hex Hall, Touch of Frost, The Girl in the Steel Corset, and the Lorien Legacies Series..... I'll stop myself now.
And then I'd like to recommend some new authors who are a hoot, Lucy Kevin (Seattle Girl-- aimed older, it has language), and Gemma Halliday, and maybe even Amanda Hocking. These 3 authors have a lot of books under 3 dollars that you can get on your Nook. That's how I found them and I would look for books by them in the future because I like their writing style and imagination.

Again, I apologize for not having a ranking system or being able to limit it to 10. I also wish I could get pictures for you but really, who has the time? Any way, if you've asked me for book recommendations here they are and I'm sorry that I'm so immature. :D
Also people ask if I like my Nook. No, I do not "like" my Nook. I LOVE my Nook. Her name is Ella (after Ella Enchanted my favorite childhood book that I still read a couple of times a year) and she is my best friend. She comes with me everywhere. Although she does make it way to easy to buy books and therefore spend money... oops.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Work, Mermaids, Sugarland, and S'mores

My Title pretty much explains the madness that has been our lives. Summer FLEW by way too fast. Casey worked the whole summer and barely had any time off. In July I read 20 books; apparently I turn into a pathetic lump when Casey works 7 days a week. On the up side, it gave me time to perfect a zucchini bread recipe (Leslie cooks? what? yes, don't be confused, it doesn't happen often.)
Casey bought me a porch swing for our anniversary! I'm so excited!!! every time it rained I would go sit out on our front porch on the ground. Now I can sit on my padded swing! I'm in love with it.
I went and saw the Little Mermaid down at Tuachan with my best friend! It was so very cute. Go see it and ooh-and-ahh over the special effects that they do with the water. it's magical. Speaking of magical, I also threw up a blue snow cone, witnessed an almost-fight at the parawan derby, and I'm pretty sure I saw a unicorn on the way home. Now I'm trying to convince Moon to take me to Grease.
As I previously mentioned, Moon worked A LOT this summer. He had 4 days off in two and a half months and one day was for a family reunion and one was for a funeral. So he finally gets a whole 2 day weekend and what does he do? He buys me Sugarland concert tickets! Moon doesn't even like Sugarland. He makes me feel so special. he spends his first saturday off in 3 months, at a concert he didn't really enjoy. But I loved it! "Stay" is one of my all time favorite songs (not really sure why. I think its the emotion that she projects, it's so impressive.) and it was beautiful in concert! I got chills.
We have been wanting to go camping SO BAD this summer. a couple of weeks ago we finally got the chance. We camped with Brady and Haikyn, Maegan, and Meretta, and boy howdy did we have fun. We shot guns, and Maegan and Brady shot the bow and arrow (me and meretta couldn't pull the string back. embarrassing. I got it back once and was ridiculously proud of myself.), we ate a TON because that's what you do while camping, we drove in the beautiful mountains, and we chilled around the campfire. It was such a fun weekend. Moose played so hard that his paws got tired and he slept for an almost solid for 48 hours. And I think Skills, who has gotten to be a lazy fatty, ran more than she has in long time! Can I take a moment to talk about the food? I love food. And we had some seriously good food. One night we went to Brady's dad's camp and Monta fed us. oh yummy! and Then Casey made Heart attack toast and hungry mans for breakfast, we also had cobler and dutch oven cakes because Moon is amazing with a dutch oven. But, I think my favorite thing was the s'mores. It has been a long time since I've had a yummy s'more and I've been craving more since we got home. We used the really big marshmallows and because it's me that was probably a bad idea. I somehow managed to get Marshmallow on my forehead and in my hair.
Anyway, All is well with us and things are finally back to a normal schedule for Casey. I'm not reading at such a rapid pace, but football season did just start so that might change. Hope you enjoyed the update and I'm sorry I'm not a picture taker. I know those would have told the story much better than I can with words.