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Just Us

Friday, April 18, 2014

Life Boosting Guilty Pleasures

Wow, I really need to blog more. At least if my previous post is so depressing! So as you know I had a rough couple of weeks. First, I just want to say that I am surrounded by the most amazing people in the world. we had so SO much love sent our way. I love you all and thanks for the many many kind words and willingness to talk! I know I didn't really take anyone up on it... I wasn't ready. But, I swear I could feel the kind thoughts and prayers being sent our way. It helped me cope. Another thing that helped me cope was Heston. I became that Mom who thinks her kid is the greatest/funniest/bestest thing in the wide world. He is really cute, but I recognize that I was coping. Also, when times get hard, I like to "get away". We all know that I read. Obviously I read A LOT. But man did I indulge in a lot of guilty pleasures while I was down. Here they are:

  • TEEN WOLF- I can hear your judgment. stop it! I seriously love this show. I'm also seriously embarrassed about my love for this show. But come on, hot men, action, werewolves and drama (but not too much drama. not like Vampire diaries. yuck)? I don't really see a downside.
  • PUDDING-  Yum. Vanilla or Tapioca. But don't eat tapioca pudding from a hospital. ew.
  • SWEATS- I don't feel to guilty about this one except some of my favorite sweats are SERIOUSLY  hideous. They have ankle elastic. and are a 2XL. Sexy.
  • YA ROMANCE- yup. also embarrassed about this one. but nothing takes your mind off of your problems like college student drama.
  • A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD-  I've seen it at least 6 times... Jai Courtney and Bruce Willis?! yummy! and you just can't beat John McClain's one-liners.

  • SPOONING THE DOG- yeah... you read that right. Skills and Moose love me.
  • LISTENING TO REALLY LOUD MUSIC- it doesn't matter what I'm listening to, it just has to be LOUD.  I had a friend mock me for "Let It Go". she could hear it from her front door... my windows were up...
  • DRIVING WITH MY WINDOW DOWN- Yay for warm weather! I stick my hair on top of my head and enjoy the breeze.
  • COMBINING THE LAST TWO- Window's down AND listening to really loud music... sigh... can life get any better? I'm sorry to those who have heard me singing (yelling) along to Les Mis./Skillet/Garth/Whatever else I've been binging on.
Alright that's enough of that. At least now my last post is slightly hidden!


Travis and Alison Jarrett said...

Especially if the loud music with car windows down is Celine, or scream-o Hawthorne Heights, or Limp!!

Johanna said...

I completely agree, you have to listen to music loud or what's the point? and The windows down is a must! I still need to see teen wolf!