Just Us

Just Us

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The burden of over-productivity

 I am stationary. I am a lump. I am a slow growing cactus. I am the tortoise.
Casey is not. Casey NEEDS change. and often. As my sister-in-law would say "I am the roots and he is the wings"  In 2007 we got married. In 2008 we bought a car. In 2009 we bought a house and a dog. In 2010 we bought a new car and a new dog. In 2011 he re-landscaped and bought a car and a four-wheeler. In 2012 we had a baby and had lots of prep to do for that. 2013 Casey went in to re-model mode and we had a ton of personal changes and 2014 seems to be sticking with re-model and he's also mentioned moving... I plan to hold him off as long as I can.
Christmas was amazing. Casey sold his snowmobile. We were both sad but it never got used. He used his snowmobile money to buy a new bedroom set for our room. I also got a carpet/upholstery cleaner (lame, maybe, but I'm sssooo excited!!). Then he bought me this :
Isn't she beautiful? My books are no longer in drawers! They are no longer sitting randomly around my house. He also put in Can lights to accent my bookshelf. There are also now Can lights in our bedroom on a dimmer switch.
Other things he's done are; build shelves in the cellar, paint our living room a new color (mojito. It used to be Dark Purple),
cleaned out the loft area (this was painful and scary. oh so scary. So. much. dust.), put hardware on our cabinets, and now he's wanting to put a back splash in the kitchen.
I think I'm the only wife in the world that wishes her husband was lazier. He makes me look bad. I help. I really do! I just wouldn't ever repaint or organize our crap if he didn't start it. And I am TERRIBLE  at decorating so every time he has an idea I make him run it through Katy Pluim for approval. She always tells me "Casey has a good eye. just trust him." it looks like in the next few weeks we'll be doing the following: finishing putting Canned lighting through the house (2 rooms left), painting EVERY wall and ceiling and putting a back splash in the kitchen.
Why oh why is my husband so ambitious?! I'm sure you're thinking I'm being sarcastic. I'm not. I could sit on the couch and read for a month and be totally content. I consider grocery shopping and doing the dishes a productive day. In fact, I'm sad that Casey will be here for Valentines day because now I have to get him a present. but that's another story for another day. The moral of my story is Casey is awesome and I'm picked on. 

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The Normans said...

Can you send him to my place after he's done? :)