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Just Us

Monday, January 25, 2016

It's a.... BOY!!!!

It's a boy!!!! It's happening!

Yes, I realize this is a terrible picture but the little turd was upside down and curled into a ball... He didn't want to wake up... he gets that from his parents. :) 

 I figure since I've posted about all of the terribly depressing parts about trying to have a baby that it's time to post about it happening! So here's the short version:

The Clomid wasn't working so the doctor put me on Femara. Femara was... interesting. As the pharmacist explained it, I was menopausal for 1 week each month and then had a rush of hormones. I think I had a harder time with the hormone rush... I can handle hot flashes but hormones cause weird emotions. If Femara didn't work in 3 months, my next step would be a fertility specialist.

At the same time, Casey started working in Wyoming... It's hard to procreate when the hubby is only home 2 days a week... I was on my last month of Femara and we'd decided if it didn't work we would just take a short break until Casey was done working out of town. I'll save you from the details but, it worked!!!! I took a test before Casey headed back out of town and it was positive!! Which meant I had to immediately start getting blood tests and start doing Progesterone shots.

The shots weren't too bad but they were high enough on my hip/back that I couldn't do them myself. With Casey gone I had to have a friend at work do them (thanks Nanette!!! Sorry for bleeding on your carpet!) and Casey did them on the weekends. At first, they hated it more than I did. They really weren't that bad... until they were. After two weeks, I broke out in a rash covering the injection sites on both sides. For the rest of the time we had to try to do the shots around the rash... it was painful. And itchy. I tried doing it in my thigh a few times but unless I spent at least 5 minutes working my leg afterwards it would just stiffen up too bad because of the thickness of the progesterone oil. And here we are 3 weeks after stopping the shots and my back is still not all the way cleared up. But it was TOTALLY worth it.

I may have gotten bored and curious one day. It was a lot of needles. And as you can see, they weren't the little kind! 

I had my first ultrasound around 6 weeks and found that the baby was not in my tubes! yay! a uterus baby! so then we did another ultrasound at 8 weeks and... there was a heartbeat!!!! yay! from there I went back to the doctor either every week or every 2 weeks until I was at 13 weeks when I officially stopped the shots. We went in on the 23rd for a gender check and... It's a BOY!!!

Funny story; when I told Heston there was a baby in my tummy he looked at me for a few seconds and said "mom, you ate a baby?!"

When he saw the ultrasound pictures and I showed him the baby he said "is it in this water?"
 I just shrugged and said "yeah, kind of.... it's yucky water. but it'll stay in there until it grows big enough to come out."
He replied "Then it goes down the waterslide to come out!!"
... Ummm.."yep..."

Anyway, I'm due on July 5, Casey is finally back in town, and I'm finally getting some of my energy back! things are going amazing and I honestly couldn't be more excited! :) thank you to everyone who reached out and supported us during all of this. You're all amazing!

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Stephne said...

I cannot tell you how excited I am for you! I often think about you and your cute family. I cried when I read about your heartbreaks, and now I'm cheering for you! Congrats! I'll be praying and sending good thoughts your way!